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Ro’s Beauty Spot Salon News and Avon Specials – August 2016

Good day Beauty Spotters

Hope you are all enjoying the slightly warmer weather and ready to vote tomorrow? Please don’t forget that every vote does count and can make a difference.
I’ve had a great response to my new times and treatment menu, thank you for all understanding and being so supportive!

This email is for all my product buyers to make sure you get the best Annique and Avon specials this month.
Please remember that your products won’t work unless you use them.

Annique have some awesome goodies on specials with a Moisture Serum and Day cream combo.
Plus the Upsize Moisture Dry 100ml comes with a free product of choice for only R499, so get your orders in early to avoid disappointment
RetiniQ ampoules area also on Special For R339. These 30 day treatment ampoules boost Retinol and Vitamin C into the skin to promote anti-aging and give the skin an amazing soft, supple look.

For more Annique Specials please use the link and check them out:


If you wish to get a bookie for Avon or Annique instead please let me know and one can be available to view.

Avon again has awesome specials in perfume, makeup and skincare products:


Kind Regards


Beauty Spot Salon

Ro’s Beauty Spot Salon News and Avon Specials – July 2016

Good day Beauty Spotters

With layers of clothes and drinking more warm drinks, I hope you are keeping warm and well this chilly July. With winter in full swing I am so happy that I’ve had such awesome support from everyone. I’m still missing a few of you and hope to see you all soon?

I’m still busy with my new treatment price list so for now the prices will remain the same and I will let everyone know when I will implement the new pricing structure.

Annique prices have unfortunately gone up so please save and view the pricelist attached to check what your favourite items will now cost. But have some good specials this month: if you buy the night cream of your range you can receive the cleanser for FREE

Also the Revitalising cream has an upsize of 75ml for R519

And the Colon Cleanse, Relax and Detox teas are on offer for R39

To view the current Specials please use this link: ANNIQUE JULY SPECIALS

Avon always have wonderful specials so please have a look at them and get your orders in soon: AVON JULY SPECIALS

I’m starting with a part time nanny in a few weeks so I can start working longer hours and hopefully see all my later clients again. I will keep you updated as to when I will be working late. But for now my working hours are still as follows:

  • Monday 09h30-16h00
  • Thursday 09h30-16h00
  • Fridays 09h30-16h00
  • Saturdays 09h00-12h00

Kind Regards


Ro’s Beauty Spot Salon News and Avon Specials – April 2016

Good Day Beauty Spotters

Hope you are well and keeping warm? It’s started to chilly over the last few days and I think the winter is on its way.

I’m very proud to announce that Declan has arrived. He was born on Thursday 31 March via Caesarean and weighed in at a beautiful 3.6 KG. it went really well and I’m starting to recover and find my feet again. The last week has been a big  adjustment but I’m loving every min.

Thank you all for the wonderful messages and thoughts and check-ups on me and Declan it means the world and I can’t wait for you all to meet him.

So I’m not sure now when I will be back at work, hoping mid-May, will see how recovery goes and when I have my 6 week check-up what doctor says. But I will keep everyone posted.

Will still be doing Annique and Avon and currently Annique have awesome specials running this month. So please don’t miss out and get your orders in early, I feel that stock will soon sell out.

For all the Annique April Specials : Annique Specials

For all the Avon goodies and specials : Avon April Specials


Kind Regards


Ro’s Beauty Spot January 2016 News and Product Specials

Good day Beauty Spotters

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and you Families a very Happy New Year. May 2016 be your year, and that its good, memorable and full of opportunities that make you stronger, happier and more successful.

This year is going to be a year of very big change for me and lots of things are going to be happening. For starters I have only 8 weeks of time in the Benoni and Alberton salon before I go on maternity leave. I will then have a few weeks to prepare for the birth of my first baby, but I will still be around for product sales and communication so I would love to stay in touch and keep everyone informed on the goings on in my life, and to hear all about the events in your lives too.

If all goes according to plan I would like to stop working on Friday 4 March 2016 and I will return to work as soon as I can for necessities. I will unfortunately being working part time(a few, if that hours a day) when I return to work after Declan is born and will communicate with everyone when this will happen. Please make sure that I have your current email address and cell phone number so I can message everyone when I do return.

I promise it won’t be too long.

As I reflect on 2015, I feel it was a good year both personally and professionally and the salon had its best year to date. Thank you to everyone for helping me have a successful salon. I will never forget it.

I started the year off with having no goals but rather to have a reflection year that by December 2015 I could look back and see what I did achieve just by making the effort and saying yes to more opportunities. These are a few of the things I did in 2015:

I started selling Avon in the salon and I can’t believe what a wonderful, positive response I’ve had.

I bought a new car, the car of my dreams and I’ve been so happy driving her.

I made new friends and spent time growing old ones so I have a wonderful support going into my new chapter of mommy hood.

I started being more active and healthy and in some small way I’m sure it helped with the soon to be growth of my family.

I went on holiday for my 30th and had an amazing 5 year wedding anniversary trip to Mauritius.

I made more time to market and speak to people about the products I sell and I’ve had such wonderful support with the products I sell, I hope those that have tried either Annique or Avon have been happy with advice and products I’ve sold you.

My list of achievements can go on forever but I won’t bore you.

Please just know that with the changes coming in 2016 I will try my best not to neglect anyone of you, and will continue to offer my personal effort that I always have into my job, it may just take a little longer for me to reply but I will. Please just be patient with me. I have no idea what the next few months will hold and I’m told babies have a plan of their own so I put my faith in the Lord and allow him to be in charge.

In order to offer this service and personal care I need to at times ask for some assistance and understanding. I will need to stop doing full pedicures and long standing appointments esp. back to back treatments in order to rest and recharge. My feet are the worst for me at the moment and do battle to stand or walk for the entire day, with my feet getting extremely sore.

By the last week of work I would just like to be doing necessity treatments so waxing, tinting, soak offs for nails and product sales.

But for now I will do my best to offer everything I can.

I will no longer be selling gift vouchers or well until I return after maternity leave, if you wish to spoil someone please let them book a treatment before I do finish work in March and pay for it.

Onto everyone’s favourite news: there will be no treatment price increase until I return from maternity leave, so treatments prices will remain the same as per the treatment menu attached.

Annique have the most amazing specials for January so please make sure you get your goodies. The Liquid Skin Nutrition will be discontinued when stock is finished but will be relaunching ONLY IN MAY 2016. So please if you use this product stock up on a few bottles to carry you through.

For the January ANNIQUE Specials Please Download the link: ANNIQUE JANUARY 2016

For January AVON Specials Please download the Link: AVON JANUARY 2016

I look forward to seeing you all before I go on leave and don’t forget to book in advance.


Kind Regards


Ro’s Beauty Spot December 2015 News and Product Specials

Good morning Beauty Spotters

How awesome is it to know the festive season is just around the corner. I’m looking forward to a few days off to rest and I hope those of you who get to have some time off are going to rest and hopefully even have a holiday away.

For those of you not sure of my working times for December and January Please take Note: I’m closing the salon for treatments on Saturday 19 December 2015 and will reopen on Monday 11 January 2016. I will still be available for product sales and collections during the time I’m closed but please understand that I won’t be in Benoni all the time, so we can arrange collection should you need it.

So as most of you know I’m now 22 weeks pregnant, time is just going so quickly. If I haven’t seen you to tell you, we are having a little boy, whose name is going to be Declan Alexander Cuthbert.

I will be closing first week of March for maternity leave and will be off for some time. I’m not entirely sure when I will be coming back to work, it will be part time in the beginning for waxing and tinting and mini facials and mini pedicures but will be on a day to day notification until Declan is in a routine and I can manage more planning.

Please don’t feel discouraged I will be available via WhatsApp and sms or email to communicate with you and if you are desperate for a quick wax or product sales I will make myself available but please let’s work together.

December is pretty much fully booked for treatments in Benoni but January bookings have opened so let’s get you in for a treatment as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

For those of you who love Annique and Avon Please find the links for the December brochures and specials below to make sure you don’t run out of any of your favourite products over December.

For Annique Beaute and specials: Annique Beaute

For Avon Link to my ordering page: Avon Brochure

Kind Regards



Ro’s Beauty Spot News and Product Specials November 2015

Good day Beauty Spotters


So we have reached month 11 of 2015 and I’m excited about 2016 but not quite finished with 2015 yet. We have just under 9 weeks left for the year and I plan to do some awesome things before then, I hope you will too!

As you most you know, if you have been with me previous years, December is a crazy busy time for the salon and my last week of December that I am working 14-19 December is now fully booked and I cannot make any more space for people, so if you haven’t made an appointment I do apologise that you will need to come the week before that for an appointment. Also most of my afternoons are also fully booked up from today so please

Please note that I will not be able to help with new clients for the rest of the year, I apologise for any inconvenience, but with tummy growing and the salon just being so full it’s difficult to help everyone.

I really want to say thank you for all the amazing support and kindness shown after my last email with my good news about our baby on the way. It’s been so humbling and has made my heart very warm and happy. So thank you

I will be closing the salon while I am away on maternity leave but will come back as soon as I can to help with the essentials(mostly waxing) and will come back part time for a while until I get back into things and a routine with baby. I plan to work until first maybe second week of march depending on how big baby is and how I can manage in the salon, so please be patient with me, I will do my best to help and accommodate everyone before I leave but from Beginning of February 2015 I will probably need to cut down on certain treatments like full pedicures, manicures and facials and do the express treatments of these. But will work around things, and how I am doing at that time and will communicate enough about it before then.

With Christmas and the festive season nearly here Avon and Annique have some awesome gifting ideas for your loved ones, co-workers and friends. Please don’t miss out on giving someone loved a special and spoiling gift that they will enjoy and use.

Please have a look at the Avon Brochure which is also Available in app form, which is a FREE download from your app store and you can search for me Rowena.cuthbert@gmail.com and then be able to send me your orders directly. It’s easy and fun.

The link for the Avon Brochure is:                             AVON NOVEMBER BROCHURE

Then Annique have some awesome specials and promotions:

The Upsize Liquid skin nutrition is here and comes FREE with the purchase of the Upsize Lucid Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin: ONLY R489

Also the Skin Detox comes with the Daily moisturiser of your choice, its either a FREE gift or at a discount of 50%… this is something not to be missed. The skin detox is an awesome pre-treatment that protects the skin from harsh environmental elements that cause acne, blackheads, dryness, flaking and scarring. Helps boost cell renewal and minimises pores.

But for the Complete Beauté From Annique Please click on the link: ANNNIQUE NOVEMBER SPECIALS


I look forward to seeing you this month and over the next 7 weeks


Kind Regards



Ro’s Beauty Spot News and Product Specials – October 2015

Good Day Beauty Spotters

I am terribly sorry this email comes a few days late, I was surprised with a holiday for my five year anniversary and last week being back was a little busy. I do hope this email finds you well and happy, and warm. I saw on the news yesterday that we have been elated to a heat wave warning for this week, so please stay hydrated and out of the sun if possible, heat stroke is a serious thing and can cause headaches, dehydration, kidney issues and many other symptoms.

So with 11 weeks until Ro’s Beauty spot closes for December break I am already starting to get full and busy the last week in December. my last day of work will be Saturday 19 December, so please check your diaries as to when you go on holiday and lets book your appointment now. I always tell people that it’s so much easier to move an appointment then to make space for a new one. Remember too that it’s on a first come first serve basis.

Then I have some very exciting and special personal news…for those of you whom I haven’t seen or haven’t had a chance to tell I am 14 weeks pregnant today and carrying a healthy little baby. Dale and I have been on a long journey to starting a family and this has come as such good news for our family and our lives.

So with that I do need to ask that you be patient with me, I seem to be suffering a little with porridge brain and need a few reminders if I don’t get back to you or forget something. Also I have been instructed in the heat to be taking some breaks during the day to keep me and my baby healthy. So I will not always be taking back to back appointments and may need to ask if I can quickly eat something or drink something between clients.

I thank you in advance and appreciate your support

My baby will be due end of March/Beginning of April, due date is 5 April 2016 and due to the nature of my business and how special all of you are to me I will try not to be taking too much time off, and will discuss this with you when I see you in my salon.

Please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Annique Specials for October:




Upsize ResQue Cream 60ml for only R189. Please make sure you stock up for Awesome Christmas gifts and for yourself.

The Lucid, HydraFine an Synergy Fresheners are on offer this month and Come with a FREE Hand Cream valued at R59. Its hydrating, softening and packed with Rooibos to boost the anti-oxidant levels in the hands-fights aging and sun damage.

The Lucid, HydraFine and Synergy Night Creams are also on Offer with a saving of up to R51.

Please download the Beauté to view the complete catalogue and share with your friends and Family. I’m still offering a 10% discount on your order when you refer a friend to buy Annique From me and they spend more than R250.



Then for the Avon lovers and supporters:

We have some awesome perfumes on offer this month, as well as the luxurious hand cream and as always some awesome makeup offers:


Don’t forget the salon is closed on Tuesdays unless otherwise stated.

Have a good week and I look forward to hearing and seeing you soon

Kind Regards


Annique August 2015 Promotions at Ro’s Beauty spot

Good morning Annique Lovers

I’m sure that you are all a little excited that we have officially one month left of winter! Although it’s been a tad cold I’m sure will be for a little while longer I also know spring and then summer is coming and that I’m excited about.

August is a great month to start getting into shape and preparing the body and skin for summer, so don’t forget to be moisturising as often as possible to keep the skin soft and supple.

Annique are having a wonderful shake special that you get a FREE Shaker with your lifestyle shake purchase. Flavours are only Strawberry or Café latte.

Our shakes are full of nutrients and work well with the Banting Diet. For only R329 you can have 30 delicious and healthy meals, all you need to do is mix with Full cream milk. Yoghurt or have with your Rooibos Tea and away you go.



Once again our awesome Day creams area on offer, some at a discount price, others with a free item.






Please don’t forget that I do love getting feedback from you about the products that you have tried or using and love from Annique. It’s very difficult for me to know if you enjoying them or not if you don’t share with me regarding your experiences with our products.

We also have some amazing other offers for August so Please download the Beauté, by copying the hyperlink and opening it in your browser.

To download or Copy: Annique Beauté Link

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you this month with your Annique Goodies


Kind Regards


Beauty Spot Salon

Ro’s Beauty Spot Annique News and Specials July 2015

Good day Annique Lovers

I trust your skins are looking soft and hydrated and Annique is looking after them thoroughly this winter. Don’t forget to help your  body  internally with your Rooibos or Green Rooibos Tea that will help fight off infection, free radicals and improve not only the appearance and texture of your skin but also boost immunity, improve your mood and help stimulate your blood circulation

July has some wonderful specials on offer so don’t miss out.

My favourite being the Miracle Tissue Oil combo at only R289 with a Free Miracle Tissue Hand and body lotion Valued at R179.

This hand and body lotion is like no other, its soft, nourishing and rich so you won’t feel the harsh dry winter for even a second.



Then we have the Cleansers on special as well as when you buy the Revitalising Cream you will  receive the night cream of your choice for FREE J Except for in the Face Facts Range

image004 image006 image008 image010

To download the Entire Annique Beauté and look through in your own time

Please click on the link: Beauté Download


Have a great July and keep warm.

Kind Regards and lotsa Love


Ro’s Beauty Spot Annique News and Promotions – January 2015

Hello to all my Annique Friends

I’m a little late with this, but I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Happy, Prosperous and Healthy 2015. I hope it will be a magical year that I can share with you and help your skin and body be the best it can be.

The end of January will mark the beginning of my 6th year as an Annique Rooibos consultant and my 9th year of working with the product. It’s been a good 9 years and much has changed in the Annique product range and Rooibos research development. I’m super proud to be able to work with such an awesome product and product house and I hope you love Annique as much as I do.

This year I plan to educate as many people as I can about their bodies and skins so that you can make the best decision for you, know what going on and improve the quality and feel of both.

So why do you like Annique Rooibos Product? Please I’d love your feedback and testimonials if you have.

Did you know that Annique have some very interesting Unique Properties and they are:

  1. They are genuine South African products, unique and indigenous, specifically formulated for our climate and skin types and conditions.
  2. They have a high moisturising effects which slows sown the aging process and plumps out the skin keeping it looking and feeling soft and healthy.
  3. They have been formulated with the help of leading cosmetologists, to provide solutions for all skin types in the harsh South African climatic conditions.
  4. The majority of Annique products contain an extract of Rooibos, unique to Annique. Research has shown Rooibos to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredient, as well as assisting people with cancer, high cholesterol and allergies. Annique was the first international company to effectively create a Rooibos extract that delivers the revitalising antioxidant properties required to see a marked difference with your daily skin care programme.
  5. Our product range includes a comprehensive array of health products that benefit the entire body, including an outstanding nutrition range with vitamins, minerals and lifestyle products
  6. There is a product for every age, skin, and gender. So no one needs to feel left out! Some of our products can be used after 3 days of birth of your precious little one.
  7. The distinctive plant serums in our Revitalising Cream stimulates collagen production in cells in order to speed up and enhance the formulation of new tissue.
  8. Annique believe in reapplying moisturiser throughout the day to keep the skin hydrated and supple, and our moisturisers are specifically formulated to absorb through your foundation without blocking the pores
  9. Instead of toning the skin after moisturising, Annique have a wonderful product called a Freshner, that seals in moisture, boosts protection against infection and balances the skin pH levels. This fantastic product helps increase the moisture levels and effectiveness of your moisturisers and is a must when using the Annique Skincare range. It can also be applied throughout the day to keep skin fresh and cool
  10. Annique Skincare Routine encourages that the skin only be washed thoroughly ONCE a day, to prevent stretching and maintain a healthier more efficient pH balance.
  11. All our creams are applied by pressing them into the skin. No need for rubbing or stretching the skin. Our creams have been formulated to level out over the skin and be absorbed evenly.
  12. We encourage Sun protection from the very beginning as sun damage is so seldom a priority. We encourage daily application of a sun protection cream.

Annique is starting the year off with some fantastic specials and stock up items so don’t miss out.

If you haven’t tried or would like to try our cleansers and freshners we have a wonderful combo offer for January:






So make sure you get your hands on one of our cleansers this month

We also have the ever popular ResQue Cream 30ml on offer: ONLY R89



Plus the Hair Nutrition for Also R89

And another very popular, super light and easily absorbed Miracle Tissue oil is on Promotion: With a Saving of R70


TO check out the Rest of the January promotions PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE LINK: DOWNLOAD HERE

Then on some really great news: I will be offering Annique loyalty cards from your first order of 2015.

It works as follows:

  • For every R250 you spend I will note on your loyalty card(date of purchase and amount) when you collect or I deliver your products(so Please make sure they handy and ready).

E.G. If you spend R500 in one order you will have 2 blocks filled in, but if you spend R680 you will still only have 2 blocks filled in. The blocks will be filled in on denominations of R250.

  • If your order does not come to the first amount of R250 it will be collective on your next order and then 1 block will be filled in. But only on your first R250 with it be collective.
  • Then on your 10th purchase/order you will receive a R100 discount 


So from January 2015 I will no longer be giving individual discounts on orders they will be accumulated and discounted at the end.

Please discuss with me if you are unsure about the terms and conditions. And don’t forget tot get your loyalty card with your first order/purchase of 2015.


Kind Regards