Annique Specials and Promotions for February 2014

Hello everyone

Wow I can’t believe how quickly this year has begun. It’s amazing that we’ve had such good weather…although I wish I could spend more time in the pool during the peak hours of the day! 🙂 Never the less I’m so positive and excited for this year that I’m sad it’s going by so quickly. I’m super blessed with such special clients…I don’t even like using that word as I feel you are all more that.. that you are my friends. thank you for your support and loyalty as always its much appreciated.

January has been a great month and I hope it’s been good to you too? For those that have just started using Annique, welcome to my little family. I really hope you are falling in love with Annique and enjoying the quality of a great product feeding and improving your skin and body. I also hope its surprised you a little and given you something to be excited about. I’d love to get some feedback from those that tried something new this January…. Your comments are always welcome.

February is great month to show our love for others and enjoy the sharing of specials moments with friends. I think it’s also a good time to get going on the goals for the year, to settling in to the attitude and wavelength that can carry us for the year. I’m settling into a positive, driven attitude and believe this year will be great.

As you know the complete Beauté (promotional booklet for Annique) for Feb is available for download…all you need to do is CLICK HERE

Then like I mentioned last month…I’m also going to add some of the most exciting and popular product specials into the email.

January was all about the new and first step into the year. Cleansing is always important in our skin care routines, but so is moisturising. Using a day cream provides hydration to the skin(just like we fluids to hydrate our bodies) so using a moisturiser does the same for our skins. What I love about Annique’s Day creams…is the fact that I can apply it as often as I like during the day, so that I can make sure my skin is kept hydrated and looking fabulous. Yes it does absorb through your foundation as application is done by pressing the cream into the skin in areas of dehydration. But foundation can too be reapplied too.image003 image002


Not only are the Day moisturisers on Specials, so are the scrubs.. so make sure to check those out in the Beauté.

Then my Favourite is the Annique Miracle Tissue Oil… is light and absorbs so quickly into the skin. Yet offers incredible results with dryness, scaring, uneven skin tone, and so much more.


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