Annique Stock Clearance Sale – April 2011

Annique Stock Clearance Sale

Due to the fact that I need to order a larger amount of Annique products every month I have started to accumulate too much.

For this reason I will often be having an Annique Stock Clearance Sale

Stock is limited and will be sold on a first come, first serve BASIS.

  • 2x Oil Free Cleansing Gels priced at R129 ON SALE for R90 each
  • 1x Miracle Tissue oil soap priced at R40 ON SALE for R25
  • 1x Rare Pearl hand lotion, priced at R40 ON SALE for R25
  • 1x Eye Therapy priced at R228 ON SALE for R170
  • 1x Lifting Neck and Bust Cream priced at R149 ON SALE for R100
  • 1x 100ml Resque Cream priced at R300 ON SALE for R200
  • 1x 60ml Resque Cream priced at R180 ON SALE for R130

These priced will be available until the products are sold! Please spread the word and if you are interested in any of the above let me know ASAP.

PLEASE NOTE: This is only available at my SALON and not with any other Annique Consultant

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