Annique My Story

rescue-creamI started my therapist career working for an Annique Skincare Salon, where I worked every day with the product; in Facials, Manicures, Pedicures and of course slimming treatments. I loved the product and the more I worked with the more I saw the results. I suffered from Eczema on my hands for a few months after having to work with another brand, and since using the Annique ResQue Cream and Miracle Tissue oil, my Eczema has not only calmed down, it has disappeared altogether.

It’s only when I’m very stressed or tired does it flair up but I pull my ResQue cream out and immediately it starts to help.

forever-youngThe Annique Bo-Serum helped tremendously with my deep set frown line on my forehead; I will now always be using this product when it comes to anti-aging.

I also have had great results with the Rooibos Teas available through Annique. The Detox tea has helped with stress levels increased my energy and concentration as well has my lifestyle routine.

The Night Rest has definitely made a difference on those nights when I’ve battled to switch off and fall asleep
But my favourite and most tasty Annique Product is the Lifestyle Shake. Being a therapist I have rarely enough time to eat between clients, but the shake fills me up, provides all the nutrients and essential minerals and vitamins I need to stay healthy, focused and in shape.

Since working with Annique I have used many other Body and Skincare ranges but have not seen the results, or as many happy clients as I have with those using Annique products. So that’s why I’ve come back to my Favourite Product.

Not only is it South African made, and completely natural and safe, it’s also affordable, effective and has made many people happy.

Being in the skincare and beauty industry I’ve often seen clients using the Annique Product incorrectly and thus not receiving the desired results.

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