Beauty Spot Newsletter April 2013

Hey everyone

I hope u had a super special Easter Weekend? Looking forward to hearing all about it on your next visit.
Please if you can let me know of any changes of contact information, id really appreciate it, I often get undelivered emails, or unsuccessful sms deliveries, so if you wish to receive my emails always make sure I have the correct information.

I still have a few people unsure of my working new hours so check them out, please note that if you used to visit me after 18h00, I am not no longer going to be able to help you. I apologise for any inconvenience but it’s for personal matters that I will no longer be taking clients at 18h00.

Monday: 09h00-18h00
Tuesday: Closed (unless otherwise stated)
Wednesday: 12h00-18h00
Thursday: 09h00-18h00
Friday: 11h00-17h00
Saturday: 08h00-14h00 (every 3rd Saturday I will be closed)

With the change of Season into Winter, the air does start to dry out, so make sure you increase your skins hydration levels, especially at night. Opt for a richer, more hydrating night cream or a treatment to help nourish, and feed your skins. Also don’t forget sunburn and sun damage will still occur during winter. If you are not happy with the condition of your skin, or feel you need a little extra, please chat to me and let me help you and your skin.

If you wish to view the Annique April Specials Please CLICK HERE

Kind Regards


Beauty Spot Salon