Beauty Spot Newsletter December 2013

Good day Beauty Spotters

I hope you are well and that you haven’t been washed away with all the rain we getting?

This is just a quick email to say hello and to send you some important info. I know everyone is really hectic this time of year.

Ro’s Beauty Spot is now officially Fully booked until I close on Friday 20 December. The best I can offer anyone looking for an appointment is a cancellation list spot and if anything comes available I will let you know.
The salon will Re-open on Monday 13 January 2014, I am already taking appointments, but I’m afraid my afternoons until the first week of February have already been booked for my regular clients.
I will be going digital next year so please make sure I have an active email address as I will be sending appointment reminders via email.

Please if you are looking to buy your Annique Products in December…last orders will be taken Friday 13 December. So that I can get everyone’s products out the next week. Please don’t miss this deadline. To View the Amazing Deals for December: CLICK HERE
I’ve also added some light reading on our Forever young range, Essence Range and the OptiSolve Capsules

Then on a serious note: I’m sorry to be a little real but I feel that with the great relationship I have with all my clients, I want to be honest and transparent to you about my business and within my business. During the 2013 period Ro’s Beauty spot lost revenue of close to R9500, due to same day cancellations, no shows or same day changing of appointments. It’s really hard to fit someone in last min or move people around on the same day, I feel it’s not fair to my other clients. I also am very busy and can help only so many but when clients don’t show up or cancel for the same day it’s very hard to fill that spot, whereas I could do the day before.
I totally understand that life happens and that things happen that are out of our control, but at the same time I’m also trying to run a successful business. So from January 2014 I will be enforcing the 24 hour cancellation-50%of treatment fee. I will also be charging full price for late appointments, extras or no shows(on next appointment).
I feel this is fair to my business and I really hope that you can understand my view and that this will take us to new heights at Ro’s Beauty Spot.

Thank you for your understanding and appreciation.
Merry Christmas to you and your families. May 2014 be all you want it to be.

Kind Regards


Beauty Spot Salon