Beauty Spot Newsletter February 2012

With a dawn of a new month 2012 has definitely started off busy! Well at least February will have 1 extra day so maybe we can try get a few more things done!

I trust you have had a good year so far, looking forward to February and that there is plenty of Love in your Air?

For me February is a month of realization, where I can actually set goals and start focusing on them.

For those who have seen me this year I’ve been speaking a bit about working a little less.

I do apologise if I seem to be repeating myself and it’s not meant to upset anyone, but I feel I need to reiterate things a few times for everyone to catch up! I am not cutting down my hours to hurt anyone but its something I need to do!

I will be cutting down some of my hours-namely those on Saturdays. I am now going to be taking off 2 Saturdays a month in order to fill my Saturdays that I do work and are open.

Please NOTE:

This means that I have limited space on a Saturday and if by any chance you do need to cancel your appointment, I may not be able to able you the following Saturday, which means you may need to wait a few weeks in order to get another Saturday appointment!

Also this means that you need to book well in advance for a Saturday.

From 1 March 2012, Voucher redemptions will no longer be accepted on a Saturday either.

I apologise if this causes any inconvenience and I hope you understand.

Then as of 1 April 2012 the price of Annique Products will be increasing, it’s usually between 7 and 10% and its not always on all the products, but I will be sending out the new pricelist as soon as I receive it.
In September 2011 I changed over to the Depiléve Wax system for legs and arm waxing. I have also started selling their Intimate Folisan – a roll on gel that works wonders with ingrown hairs in the bikini and under arm area.

I have received great comments and happy results. The 10ml roll-on gel is R60 and needs only to be used until the hairs have started to push through the skin. As soon as the hair has appeared through the skin, stop usage until after your next wax. So use will be between 10 and 12 days.

Please enquire about the product when you visit.

Also another fantastic product for Ingrown hairs is the Annique Body Wonder Sponge.

This hygienic rough body sponge helps remove dead skin build up, increase blood circulation and helps lift the ingrown hairs trapped under the skin.

To be used a daily basis, a day or 2 after waxing, when the skin has calmed down.

Cost is R29.

PLEASE remember that the sponge does not last forever and needs to be replaced every 4 to 6 Months

Then The Annique ResQue Cream is also a great comfort and healing product for ingrown hairs. Its helps reduce inflammation, sensitivity after waxing and promotes healing. It needs to be applied to infected areas as often as possible.

Comes in a Sample size, to keep handy in your bag or at work and are R2 each

Or The ResQue Cream comes in a 60ml tube at R95.

Annique’s ResQue cream can be used for a number of skin issues such as Eczema, dry skin, sun burn, rashes, grazes, scaring and cracked heels.

So I wish you all a Love Filled, positively productive February and thank you for all the support and friendship.

See you soon

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