Beauty Spot Newsletter March 2013

Good Day Beauty Spotter

Having a good week I hope and being positive about life?

For those of you using the Annique Range, please note that the products annual price increase will take effect from 1 April 2013. I have attached both the current pricelist, valid until 31 March 2013, and the new one, effective from 1 April 2013 for you to view and compare.

I’m really sorry that I haven’t had any Treatment Specials, but my days are so busy already, that I’m scared if I offer specials I won’t be able to help those that want to book for them.

I will be running an in house Special of an extra 10% discount on your Annique Rooibos Purchase(over the value of R300) in March 2013, not applicable to Stock sale items. So make sure you get your orders in soon.

Please take note of Closed Days in March 2013

Saturday 9 March CLOSED

Tuesday 19 March I will be Open from 13h00-18h00

Thursday 21 March CLOSED

Tuesday 26 March Open 14h00-18h00

Friday 29 March CLOSED

Saturday 30 March CLOSED

Monday 1 April closed

Tuesday 2 April Open 09h00 -18h00.

Please if you wish to Download the Annique March Promotions Please CLICK HERE

Also I had a great question the other day:

How much does a starter kit(cleanser, day and night cream and freshner) cost and how long will it last?

Well a cleanser from Annique is R159 for 150ml, this should last you 4-8 weeks

A day cream is R259 for the dry/mature day cream 50ml and should last 4-6 weeks

A day cream for normal/combination skins is R179, 50ml and also should last 4-6 weeks

A night cream for dry/mature skins is R199 and for normal combination R179 and should last 4-6 weeks

The Freshners are R139 or R129 is you have a more oily skin type

So for a dry/mature skin type a starter pack should cost you R756. In March you will receive a 10% discount so will cost you R680. For a 4-6 weeks life will cost you R24 – R16 per day on your beauty products.

If you have a normal/combination skin type the same pack will cost you R646 with your 10% discount will cost you R581. For a 4-6 weeks life the cost per day is R20.5 – R13.8 for your skincare products.

Kind Regards and love you all