Beauty Spot Newsletter May 2012

Hey everyone

I’m so sorry that I haven’t sent out a decent news letter in a while but I hope this one makes up for it.

I can’t believe what beautiful weather we’ve been having and that it’s still so beautiful outside. Let’s hope we can have a few more days of it before the cold sets in!

So its mothers month and wow have there been a few new moms in my salon. Definitely was something in the spring winds last year 🙂

For those of you who have met my mom, she often helps with product delivery, entertaining clients while i’m still busy and helping in the background. Her name is Denise and I’m so very grateful to have her. Thank you for being easy on her, patient and helpful especially when booking treatments is involved. She often just takes the initiative and is not always 100% sure but she does a great job.

I think 2012 is definitely a Moms year and so I wish all my moms a Happy Mothers Day and Month, may you be spoilt and appreciated more than normal.

So not much news in the Salon, I have a few Annique Products that are still on Special, so don’t forget to have a look next time you in the salon.

Bio Sculpture Colours are now R40 so don’t miss out on buying some fabulous colours for winter, I have a catalogue and that you can order from, they have over 150 colours and I cannot keep all of them in stock but I can order.
Top coats are also R40 for the Month of May, normal Price R50

I am also continuing to grow my Gel colour stock so if you wish to have gel colour overlay R140 then please don’t be shy to ask what colours I have or if you keen on a specific colour then I can get for you.


I know winter is a time that we wish to keep as much of us covered as possible but don’t forget that we shouldn’t neglect out toes, feet and hands either.

Mini Pedicure and mini Manicure are a great way to keep them soft and still looking good, and at R50 each they can be added to any treatment or done on there own.

Paraffin dip can also be added to any treatment for R40, and includes a scrub, rich cream application and the dip.


I have limited space on a Saturday, as i’m not open every Saturday, and if by any chance you do need to cancel your appointment, I may not be able to help you the following Saturday, which means you may need to wait a few weeks in order to get another Saturday appointment!

Also this means that you need to book well in advance for a Saturday.

Voucher redemptions will no longer be accepted on a Saturday either.

Days that the Salon is closed:
Saturday 12 May
Sat 2 June
Tuesday 12 June
Friday 29 June
Sat 30 June
Monday 2 July

I use the Depiléve Wax system for legs and arm waxing and have also started selling their Intimate Folisan – a roll on gel that works wonders with ingrown hairs in the bikini and under arm area.

I have received great comments and happy results.

The 10ml roll-on gel is ON SPECIAL FOR R40 and needs only to be used until the hairs have started to push through the skin (roughly 10 days). As soon as the hair has appeared through the skin, stop usage until after your next wax.

Please enquire about the product when you visit.

For those extra dry and neglected skins, the ANNIQUE Miracle Tissue Oil is a great add on product for winter and any time. It’s a light oil so absorbed so quickly into the skin, leaving it feeling nourished, soft and hydrated. It’s great for uneven skin tone, stretch marks, and scars. It’s an excellent hydration product adding extra nourishment and moisture to the skin.

ON SPECIAL THIS MAY FOR R219 with a FREE 10ml Roll On

So have a super Month of May, I hope you are blessed and kept safe.
Look forward to seeing you and sharing some good laughs.
Thanks for all the support.


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