Beauty Spot Newsletter October 2012

I have been noticing that my news doesn’t always get passed on and im sure not everyone has time to read my actual newsletter. So im not going to be attaching a separate newsletter from now and I will just be doing the news within the email, this means you wont miss out on anything or get left behind 🙂

Im sorry that this email comes a few days after the month has already begun, but ive been so busy that I just havent had a moment to get to it. Please take note this month’s email has a few very important notes that will be implemented on the 1st November 2012(new treatment prices) and January 2013(new working hours).

There will be some changes to my treatment menu and a price increase to facials, nails and some waxing treatments. I will also NO longer be offering Full body massages or Reflexology from November 2012.

From January 2013 im going to be cutting down my hours, as im just not getting time to do the personal activities I love, and my poor thumbs have been taking a lot of strain resently and I need to give them a break every so often too. I hope you can understand and these new times will be available in my new pricelist and will be spoken about in your forthcoming treatments too.

Please remember the following Days are the days that I AM CLOSED during October, November and December

  • Sat 13 October
  • Tuesday 16 October
  • Sat 3 November
  • Sat 10 November I will be closing at 12h30
  • Friday 23 November
  • Sat 24 November
  • Friday 30 November I will be closing at 14h00
  • Monday 17 December I will be open from 09h00 until 12h00
  • Friday 21 December I will be closing for shut down at 16h00

I am already nearly fully booked for my Saturday’s up to 15 December so please start planning your appointments so that you are not disappointed.

Then if you’ve been in the Salon or received the new Annique Beaute booklet you will see that Annique have a whole new range for Dry, Dehydrated and Aging skin types. Its Called Lucid and has been specifically formulated to help these conditions.

The New Lucid range will be replacing old and existing products which will be discontinued from 1 October. Maybe they will have a few last minute sale on old stock but I will let you know if they do.

Please take note of the following changes:

  • The Cleanser For Dry Skin(200ml) will be replaced with the NEW Calming Cleansing Crème(150ml)
  • Refining Skin Scrub will be replaced with the NEW Perfecting Cream Exfoliator
  • Moisture Masque will be replaced with the NEW Silky Skin Replenisher which is a new emergency overnight treatment
  • Moisturiser for Dry skin will be replaced with the NEW Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin
  • Hydra3 Will be replaced with New Ultra Hydrating Moisture Lotion
  • Crème de Nuit still exists but belongs to the Forever Young range for anti-aging.
  • NEW Optimal Night Renewal is a new night cream
  • pH Balancing Freshner will be replaced by the NEW HydraRestore Freshner

There is Also the ResQue Cream upsize(60ml) on Special this month, it’s a pink tube in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and R5 of every tube sold goes to the CANSA foundation. So buy yours this month.

And please don’t forget to ask for an updated treatment and annique pricelist whenever you are in the salon and need a new one
I look forward to seeing you in the Salon during October.

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