February 2011 Newsletter – Issue 7

Dear Super Special Client

For those of you whom I have not seen yet this year: HAPPY NEW YEAR, and may 2011 be filled with love, happiness and great learning experiences.

With a new year comes new ideas and dreams and I hope that this year my newsletters will bring lots of useful information and tips to help you understand the treatments I do and to help you maintain great results at home.

We are going to start with A, which for more people immediately say Acne.

So let us start there: Acne which can be described as a skin condition where pimples are formed on the face and neck, often occuring on the chest and back as well.

Its caused by an interaction between hormones, oil in the skin and bacteria. Most often as a result of oil being unable to leave the pore and the pore becoming blocked.

Whether one has blackheads or whiteheads, cysts or abscessess this is all a form of Acne, and one needs to be more careful when dealing with any of these symptoms.

Here below are great ways to minimize the spread and help promote healing of Acne.

  1. Cleanse the skin properly using a gel cleanser to help control sebum and remove bacteria. Cleansing in an important and should be done for at least 1 minute. Remove cleanser using a face cloth (washed twice or more weekly).
  2. Use a moisturizer that is best suited for problematic/oily skin but remembered over secretion of oil can be due to dehydration and lack of nourishment to the skin.
  3. Exfoliate on a regular basis (twice a week) with a mild scrub.If severe acne is present use an AHA or enzyme exfoliant.
  4. Help the skin from the inside taking good vitamins and minerals [Zinc-Annique Zestful living (R82), Vitamin C and A and Evening Primrose Oil]
  5. Use a spot treatment where necessary [Annique ResQue mist (R100), Annique ResQue Cream (R89), Annique Spotless (R85), Benzoyl Peroxide or Tea Tree Oil]
  6. Avoid touching or squeezing the skin unless done by a skin therapist or with great caution
  7. Keep the skin dry during sporting activities
  8. Clean pillow cases every second day if severe acne is present
  9. Regular facials to help increase resistance to bacteria

I hope these ideas and tips help you to help yourself and improve the quality of your skin.

Please remember I do offer FREE skin analysis if you interested in started your skin on a great and successful skin routine with Annique Rooibos Products

Thank you to all that sent such great, kind comments, I really do appreciate them. Please remember that I am always open to comments and suggestions (good and bad) as growth cannot occur if I do not learn.

Have a blessed, loved filled February and look after your loved onces.

Happy Valentines Month to all

Kind regards

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