June 2010 Newsletter – Issue 10

Winter is Here

A Very Warm Hello

Can you believe that it has been nearly a year when we were going crazy with Soccer Fever? Some of us might still be when Barcelona were crowned Champions on Saturday but the rest of us have moved on!

None the less, winter has made herself at home and is here to stay, this certainly does not mean we should give in, just put on another pair jersey or pair of socks and we can still enjoy it! I cant believe how beautiful it always looks outside in winter.

Now its time to start applying a richer day cream, extra body lotion and even treat those feet, as our skins are covered more during winter, now is the perfect time to get them healed, soft and nourished!

You will notice that there are no specials running this month or during the month of July. Reason being is that over the past few months the amount of people booking my specials has diminished drastically. This means you are enjoying the treatments that you are already booking with me or my specials are just not that special.

So please give me feedback and let me know which of my previous specials you have enjoyed or how you feel about me running specials so that I know what works for you!

Please don’t forget that I do offer gift vouchers, if you wish to buy someone something different for a birthday, anniversary or even just to spoil them! My vouchers are valid for three months from the date of purchase and be used on any day when I am open. I do not restrict my voucher redemption times.

Then MOST IMPORTANTLY from 1 July 2011 my Bio Sculpture Gel Nails, Manicures and Pedicures, and Massage Treatments will be increasing in price. I need to increase these prices to accommodate the increase in the price of the products I use and equipment that needs maintaining. As my regular clients know I increase half my price list in December (facials, tinting, snd waxing) and the other treatments in June/July. Prices will increase from 5 and 10% only.

I will also be adding some treatments and making changes to exisiting treatments on my pricelist.

For all those BlackBerry clients who wish to communicate with me via BBM, my pin number is 22EA1061

I am also available on WhatsApp for all the other Smartphone users, so please don’t hestitate to communicate via this application either, should you wish to.

I have a few clients and friends who are also entrepreneaurs and need some exposure so please take note of the Adverts further down regarding Honey Distributors and and affordable Web Developer.

Keep warm and safe this June and until I see you again, keep on being as special as you are!

Kindest Regards,

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