June 2010 Newsletter

Hello to all my very special clients and friends

It has been six months since I decided to venture out on my own and start what has now become Ro’s Beauty Spot Salon.

It has been an amazingly special six months – full of fun and full of challenges.

I would like to thank you for making it possible for me to do what I love and to offer a unique and special service.

For those of you who do not yet know, I am getting married on the 25th of September 2010 to my amazing fiance Dale Cuthbert.

I would like to let you know in advance that I will be taking leave for this special occasion and my last working day will be Tuesday the 21st of September.

Dale and I are planning to have our Honeymoon in Thailand and I will be reopening the Salon for treatments on Thursday the 14th of October 2010.

This is a total of 3.5 weeks so please start planning your diary in advance if possible so that we can book your appointments for September and October when next you have an appointment with me so that everyone can have their treatments planned and no-one misses out 🙂

I promise to return with some ideas to help you get through the rest of 2010.

I will thus unfortunately not available on my cellphone during those 3.5 weeks but my email will still be active and I will respond to all emails and enquires when I return.

Please note that the specials have been set up for both June and July as I am finding the time to just be flying by and not everyone gets a chance to book for the specials.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at info@beautyspotsalon.co.za or call 082 934 6278.

You can also complete the on-line enquiry form here >>

Kind Regards

Rowena Trow

Managing Member| Ro’s Beauty Spot Salon

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