Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions

  1. Loyalty cards are given after 3 consecutive appointments of the same treatment(s)
  2. Circles are coloured in after every regular appointment Eg if you come for an eyebrow and lip wax every month I will colour in 1 circle, or if you come for a facial, pedicure and brow wax every 6 weeks then 1 circle will be coloured in
  3. If you come for an add on treatment every so often with your regular treatment then you will need to spend R200 or more in order to get another circle coloured in.
  4. On your 10th regular appointment I will offer your 11th treatment discount-either on your normal appointment or if you wish to have the discount on any other treatment
  5. A new loyalty card will be issued on your next appointment after your discounted appointment.
  6. Cards may not be shared or the discount be given to another person or exchanged for cash
  7. 50% Discount needs to be used on the 11th treatment.

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