March 2011 Newsletter

Happy March Everyone

I hope my newsletters are giving some information to help improve your lives and lifestyle.

Thank you to everyone who has given me feedback regarding my newsletters and specials, it means a lot.

I have as yet not received the Annique Specials to send out. As soon as I receive this information I will send it on so that you can plan for your monthly purchase.

Please note: Annqique prices will be going up on the 1st of April 2011. This is for their yearly increase.

I also wish to remind you that if you do want to purchase one of the Annique specials on offer, it needs to be paid for before the end of the month, unless we have discussed pricing beforehand.

If not I will be charging the normal prices as I am not able to carry specials over into the next month.

For those of you who have been using Annique for a while will be glad to see that the Resque Essence is NOW BACK (by popular demand) and on special for R102 for two bottles.

The exfoliators are on special:
Refining skin scrub: R79
The Scrub: R79

Masks are also on special:
Detox Silk Mask: R79
Moisture Mask: R99
Calm Down Mask: R69

ZeroAche which eliminates pain and is soothing on tense sore muscles is R139 for 2 tubes

Sun Care is on special too:
Sun Safety Aerosol SPF 30: R85
Safe in the sun with DNAge: R135
Be Wise SPF 50: R108

I look forward to seeing you all this month and remember if you need help with your skin home care routine please feel free to talk to me and lets allow Annique to charge life.

Thank You and Kind Regards,

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