May 2011 Newsletter

I hope to find you well and rested after these few days of holiday. It is apparent that Winter has definitely arrived and is here to stay! But know that with any winters day there is a warm ehart just waiting to warm you up somewhere nearby!

I wish to thank everyone who supported me during April and the holidays was nice to see all of you and share in your news, special occasions and work stress! I also hope to see everyone who was away to hear about your holiday!

Ihave decided to increase my product items to allow you to get best quality and something different at my salon.

I will be selling:

1. BioSculpture lavender base coats for R30. They help nourish, protect and strengthen the nail and have a beautiful lavender tinge to it so if u wish to just wear this you can.

2. Scented Acetone: R10. A spray pure acetone with a slight scent of cinnamon, mint or tea tree.

3. BioSculpture Top Coat: R40. A high shine top coat to seal in nail varnish and protect and provide lon lasting colour.

4. Cuticle oil: R20. This helps nourish and hydrate the nail and cuticle during the dry witner months

5. Annique Vitamin E Capsules for the Face: R40 for 5. Application twice a week to help nourish and hydrate the skin suring the winter months

6. Annique Derma Bright Capsules for the face: R40 for 4. Once a week application in between facials to help brighten and create even toned, healthy skin.

So please let me know if you wish to buy any of these, I will keep 2 or so in stock and order as I go along!

But check out my specials and I really hope there’s something for you!

For the Annique Monthly Specials booklet: CLICK HERE

Look forward to seeing you this May…

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