Post Waxing Aftercare Advice

It is important to remember that waxing is a removal of hair at the root. This is why it is often painful and can cause sensitivity. Please make sure to follow the advice listed below in order to avoid things like pigmentation, rashes and sensitivity.

Important Advice to follow after waxing:

1. Avoid perfumed lotions and creams (can irritate the skin) for first 24 hours after waxing
2. Apply Sun block (min SPF 30) to areas to avoid pigmentation
3. No sun tanning within 24 hrs after waxing-can lead to pigmentation
4. Avoid excessively hot baths or showers for 24 horus to avoid burning or perspiration-can lead to ingrown hairs
5. Avoid tight occlusive clothing for 24 hours, prevents skin being able to breath and can lead to ingrown hairs
6. Avoid perfumed deodorant for 24 hours after under-arm waxing, can burn or irritate the skin

4-6 Days After waxing – Advice

1. Start to exfoliate using a body brush, sponge or body exfoliator on a daily basis, will help reduce ingrown hairs
2. Use anti-septic lotion and remove ingrown hairs with a needle if necessary.

Hair does become weaker and softer over time. Enjoy your waxing it’s a lifestyle.

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