Ro’s Beauty Spot Annique March 2014 Specials

Hey beauty spotters

I trust February was truly a month for Love! It was an exceptional month for Annique Sales in the Salon, so thank you for all those that supported me, and tried something new -I hope you are happy with the fantastic quality and effects of Annique.

I’m super excited to announce that the Normal Annual Price increase for Annique Products will ONLY take effect FROM 1 June 2014…and Not the normal 1 April 2014. This is super fantastic news, but please be warned that come 1 June 2014, most products will increase on average 8%.

As soon as I have received the new price list I will let everyone know.

In the meantime we can still enjoy the great quality of the product at the best price possible.

So as the year unfolds the specials continue to follow up suit….March will be a great time to stock up on Night creams and some treatment products.

The night creams from the Lucid and Hydrafine ranges come with the Masque of that Range for Free.

It’s always important to remember the difference between Day and Night creams: the biggest difference is that a day cream allows for more hydration to the skin (so the drinking water effect) whereas a night cream feeds and restores the skin, similar to us sleeping-we need the sleep to recover from the day.

Night creams are generally a lot more shiny and have more of an oily feel to them, this offers our skin a protection barrier to keep moisture in and allow slip while we sleeping-we don’t want our skins sticking to the pillow case.

Now with the masques for free this March it’s a great introduction to a treatment product that helps minimize aging, offers more anti-oxidants to the skin, refines pores and helps create an even skin tone. Masquing is often a more enjoyable treatment then exfoliating and is better for the skin in a lot of ways(instant product absorption if you choose to apply a treatment under, less stretching and pulling of the skin so minimizes aging)

A great time apply your masque is in the shower or bath…while your conditioner is on your hair and your washing. It offer a good 5 min of treatment and no fuss in washing off.







Don’t miss out on all the other exciting offers this March…to download the specials Please CLICK HERE

Then some exciting news is that Annique are launching a new flavour of the Lifestyle shake….LIME!!

Will be available from April 2014. The shake is Gluten and Sugar FREE and contains:


Lifestyle Shake is high in:
Vitamin B12 – Supports the body’s nervous system.
Biotin – Helps the body process energy.
Fibre – For a healthy digestive system.
Protein – For healthy muscle tissue, stronger nails, cartilage, hair and skin.
Vitamin E – A potent antioxidant that fights bacteria.
Vitamin C – Supports the body’s immune function.
Vitamin B3 – Helps to lower cholesterol.