Ro’s Beauty Spot Annique STOCK sale

Lifting Essence Neck and Bust Cream
Helps lift and firm the skin on the neck and bust area, promotes even skin tone and prevents premature aging
75ml for ONLY R100, Save R89

Annique Green Tea ONLY R30 SAVE R15

Annique Colon Cleanse Tea ONLY R30

Annique ResQue Cream Upsize 100ml ONLY R150, SAVE R49
Great Skin relieving cream for any skin emergency. A must have for all bags

Annique Lucid Freshner ONLY R80 saves R69
Helps hydrate and condition the skin, sealing in moisture and keeping the skin glowing.

Annique Lucid Hydrating Moisture Lotion 50ml ONLY R200 Save R79
Instant moisture boost for a more dry skin type restores moisture for up to 24 hours.

Annique Hydra3 Moisturiser 50ml ONLY R150, Save R109
Old packaging stock. Retains moisture in the skin for up to 24 hours, refreshing and non-oily, but instant hydration.

Annique Hydrafine Herbal Moisturiser 50ml ONLY R140 Save R59
Normal/Combination Skin type daily moisturiser

Annique Colour Caress Makeup Remover 65ml ONLY R80, Save R49
Removes waterproof makeup without drying the eye area out. Soft and gentle on even the most sensitive eyes

Annique OptiC 30 Capsules ONLY R70 Save R69
A strong vitamin C complex, to help aid in building tissues to fend off illness. A great Anti-Oxidant support

Annique Forever Slim Actiless 30 Capsules ONLY R100, Save R139
Contains CLA to help decrease the amount of body fat stored in the body and tone muscles.

Annique the Spa Hand Cream 50ml ONLY R40, Save R49
A rich, non-greasy hand lotion that boosts moisture levels, prevents premature aging, and contains anti-oxidants to keep hands looking young and beautiful

Annique Q10 Skin Therapy 30ml ONLY R100, Save R99
An amazing skin reviving cream, that lifts tired, aged and stressed skin. Helps promote even skin tone and boost moisture levels.

Annique Skin Detox 30ml ONLY R150 Save R89
Great for problematic, sensitive and ageing skin types. Relives dryness by preparing skin for moisture and nourishment, cleans outs pores and boosts repair.

Annique Revitalising Cream 30ml ONLY R180 Save R54
Reduces the signs of ageing, and helps firm, lift and tone the skin. Improves the skins ability to maintain moisture. Must be used in conjunction with a moisturiser

Annique the Spa Refreshing Foot Sorbet ONLY R50, Save R85
Combination of a foot scrub and soothing foot gel, a great birthday gift

Annique Glycerine Soap ONLY R20, Save R19
Gentle, soothing soap that’s safe for even the most sensitive of skins. High in moisture content.

Annique Ambition Shower gel for Men 150ml ONLY R35, Save R54
Hugo Boss scented shower gel, with anti-oxidant effects. Great for a gift.