Ro’s Beauty Spot News and Update – August 2013

Good Day Beauty Spotters

I apologise for sending out and email so late into the month,  so it’s not really a monthly newsletter/update but I general one.

I hope you are well? I can’t believe the cold weather we’ve been having…well I kind of can, we’ve been so blessed this winter, so I suppose we had to have some cold sooner or later.

I really hope you were spoiled on Woman’s day, and appreciated for all that you do for your families and friends.
A friend posted this sticky note and thought it was super appropriate for us woman.

I did my very first woman’s day event, at the Bedfordview country club, selling and gaining exposure for Annique Rooibos Products as well as my Shamballa Jewellery. So now I’ve been bitten by the bug, and would like to ask if anyone knows or is having any functions that one can display, sample or sell at, to please let me know.

PLEASE take NOTE: that UNTIL 31 AUGUST 2013 I will be selling my Shamballa Style Jewellery at a discount price. So please see the below pricing: I have a lot of stock that I’d like to move to make room for new and exciting stuff so this is the reason for my SALE.


Annique Rooibos Products have some amazing Special offer this August, so have a look and don’t forget Samples are available on request.
To view the August Annique Beauté:

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I look forward to seeing some new faces this month, and as always I love seeing my regulars. Thank you for all your support and kindness.

Kind Regards
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