Ro’s Beauty Spot News for June 2013

Good day Beauty Spotter

For a change I thought I’d be early with June’s newsletter and Annique Specials, so now I’m not sure how long the good weather will last! Lol

There are some fantastic not be repeated Annique Specials and they will go quickly so if you would like anything I need to know asap, so I can order and get.

Here is the link for the Annique Beaute: Annique Beaute

Here is the link for the Annique Promotions leaflet: Annique Leaflet

Then I have also created Facebook pages for my Jewellery: Ro’s Jewellery Collection and my Salon Ro’s Beauty Spot, please if you would like to join and like either or both, please do. I also run great offers and giveaways on these pages.

Kind Regards


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