Ro’s Beauty Spot’s First Year in Business

My first year at Ro’s Beauty Spot – Great Products, Great Clients and Great Service

Where to begin: I started out thinking wow this is a big step, being my own boss, managing a salon and doing the therapy, but a year later its been the most fun I have ever had at work! Yes I miss the chatter of other therapists but I enjoy my own company and I love the company of my clients.

I decided to open my business on my parent’s property in a converted room which is very cosy and private. I chose Benoni over Alberton as I knew I would have a following.

I started out with a handful of clients who have followed me from salon to salon so I knew I had to deliver great quality and a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Most of my clients were waxing clients and now being able to offer the product I wanted I could give them a choice of wax, most changed to a more gentle wax.

I then started to do my own advertising- post box drops, school advertising and word of mouth, and soon my handful grew to a basket full!

Word of mouth is most productive form of advertising and it’s amazing to see how small the world actually is!

I chose to work a longer day from 09h00-19h00 to help accommodate those who work late too, it’s been very rewarding and gives me a chance to spend more time with my parents.

It was tough working late, as I often only get home after 8pm but I love it and would not change it for anything, i work when people need me and often work outside my hours to help some1 in need.

I have also become an Annique Consultant and distributor so that I could offer a top end product that is effective, afforable and easy to use.

It’s been harder getting sales than I thought but it’s been a good challenge. I have grown my sales and interest in the product and hope that 2011 I can introduce those who arent using anything or not sure what to use, to a fantastic product that is natural, safe and proudly South African.

I would say my biggest treatment group is definitely waxing, as I feel my clients can sense I enjoy it the most. Next would be facials, then gel Nails, pedicures and lastly massage.

Massage is last as I know its not a regular treatment for people to have and that going to a day spa for a massage is always more entertaining.

Even getting married and going on Honeymoon did not affect my business. I was busy up to the day I left and extremely busy when I returned.

What a wonderful, very profitable and succesful year its been at Ro’s Beauty Spot!

A Big Thanks to all of you for making this happen!

Love Rowena

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