September 2010 Newsletter

Good day To all my amazing clients

I have no news letter this month, so just some info:

Don’t forget im on leave from 22 September 2010 (21st September, Tuesday being my last day) until 14 October (first day Back). My salon will be closed during this time, but I promise to respond to emails or sms’s the minute I return. So please don’t feel like I’ve forgotten you if I don’t reply until the 14th October.

Please also look out for fantastic specials that will be coming out when I return, to make up for the time im away.

Yes Spring is definatley in the air so lets get those feet out of closed shoes, stimulated and looking beautiful.

Tips For Summer Feet:

1. Get a good foot file to remove any dead skin from heels and Balls of feet.

2. Make sure to remove any old nail polish and give your nail a slight buff to remove any yellowing of the nail

3. make sure to paint a base coat to prevent Staining of colour and promote long lasting wear.

4. Then apply 2 coats of nail colour to ensure an even, non streaky colour.

5. Finallty paint a top coat to seal in colour.

6. remember to still apply your heel balm or foot cream to ensure soft, moisturised feet

I do sell Buffers, Foot files, top and base coats, please let me know you wish to have any and I will make sure I have when you come in for your September Appointment.

Look forward to seeing you all before I get Married on 25 September.

Many thanks and kindest regards,
Rowena Trow | Beauty Spot Salon

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