Shamballa Style Bracelets

Shamballa Style Bracelets are designed with charms, crystals and beads that encourage the
connection of wisdom and compassion within us. Ancient philosophers believed they brought about peace and tranquillity to all that wore them. They are designed from the ancient macramé technique of interlinking strings with the crystals, charms and beads.

Ro’s Jewellery collection is now selling these style bracelets to you. They are Rhinestones set in Clay beads, charms or Glass bead based bracelets at an affordable price. I have only a small collection to start with but with time I will expand and bring new and exciting colours and styles.

1.    Light metal, Black Rhinestone bracelet with Hematite magnetic beads R100

2.    Clay White Rhinestone bracelet with Hematite magnetic beads R120

3.     Interlinked Clay White Rhinestone Bracelet with Hematite magnetic Beads R120Shamballa-Style-Bracelets-3
4.    Coloured Glass beads interlinked with Black Glass Beads Bracelet, Hematite magnetic Beads R80