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Ro’s Beauty Spot New Treatment Menu 2018

Good morning Beauty Spotters

I trust you have had a good week and looking forward to the wknd? Have any exciting plans for the first weekend in February?

As some of you have received my new pricelist in the salon, the rest will get yours as I see you during the month. If you wish to take an extra one to hand out to friends or family please don’t hesitate to ask.

Please note that I will NOT be taking on new nail, pedi or manicure clients as I would like to focus on my facials and waxing from March 2018. I will be doing manicures, pedicures and nail treatments for February still at the old pricing but from March they will be taken off my price list.

I am also excited to announce that I will be offering a little extra at the salon, I will be making now Cappuccinos and hot chocolate for sale when you come for treatments. They will be R10 a cup and can be added as a take away or have in the salon with your appointment

Annique Specials to view this month:


If you order more then R1000 of Annique Products this February you will receive a FREE 45min petal facial to be used before 31 March 2018. Booking is essential

If you order the new Gold Bar From Annique valued at R1499 and receive a FREE Annique Youth Boost or a Free 45min Petal Facial, to be used before 31 March 2018. Booking Essentia

Avon specials to view this month:


IF you order more then R500 of Avon this month you will receive a FREE Avon Hand Cream


Kind regards and much Love

Rowena Cuthbert

Annique Rooibos and Avon Distributor

082 934 6278


Ro’s Beauty Spot Salon News – Avon And Annique Specials – January 2018

I wish you a very happy New Year and I truly hope 2018 is going to be a 20-A-Team year. I feel and know it’s going to be a good year and I have a lot to look forward to. I hope you had a good break over the festive season even if it was only a few days.

We had a lovely holiday; it’s not jokes traveling on a plane with a toddler for 8 hours but we survived and so did Declan, HEHEHEHEHE 😊

The salon is now open and ready for business, please remember I’m now open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Benoni, last appointment needs to end at 16h30.

It’s been 2 years since I’ve had a salon pricelist update, so from 1 February I need to increase my prices and adjust my pricelist. The new pricelist will come out next week so you can view and share with your friends

Please note I WILL NO LONGER be doing Gel treatments or Manicures and Pedicures for New Clients.

I am currently in the process of big plans for the salon for 2018 and if all falls into place It can happen before the year is done. And I wish to focus on improving my Facials and waxing treatments.

I am also going to be selling more retail products in the salon, Bio Sculpture hand and feet products and more Annique and Avon products on display. So be prepared to shop by me more.

This month’s Annique Specials are awesome, Upsize Miracle Tissue Oil for Only R339. This is an amazing product, to prevent stretchmarks, promote healing and prevent dry and aged skin, a must have for any skin routine.

Also we have our cleanser and freshener combo so don’t forget to order that too.


Avon have so many fragrances on offer this month, it’s hard to choose which one to go for, but they amazing deals and great for an everyday, working perfume.


I would like to Offer a FREE Annique ResQue Cream upsize to anyone who would be willing to host an Annique Pamper Party with your friends who would be interested in starting and using Annique. Only need 6-10 ladies to be join in on a pamper party. So please ask your friends and then let me know and lets organise a special and fun morning where they can learn about their
skins and how to use products correctly.

Ro’s Beauty Spot Salon News and Avon Specials – November 2016

Good day Beauty Spotters

Nothing beats the afternoon showers we’ve been getting and I’m praying that more rain will fall over the next couple of weeks. The storms have been quite hectic and I trust that none of you have experienced any damaging effects from them. It’s the 8th of November already and Christmas fever will soon be upon us. The shops seems to have started early and it still seems to only hit me late in December. I’m going to try plan better this year. Hope your year-end functions and Christmas planning has started and been good so far.

This will be my second last newsletter for the year, I can’t believe it’s nearly that time of year again. So please be aware of closing dates and appointment times as they are running out fast.

Declan has started crawling and loves swimming so is keeping me super busy now. He’s just such a big boy now it’s hard to even remember him being a new born. And he so loves all the attention he gets from you  in the salon.

So December is filling up fast and I only have a few openings left. I’m closing on Tuesday 20 December, this will be last day to collect product orders too.

Please note my working hours for Benoni and Alberton branches:


Monday 09:00-16:30

Tuesdays CLOSED

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday 09:00-16:30

Friday 09:00-16:30

Saturday 09:00-14:00



Tuesday 09:00-17:00

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday CLOSED


Saturday CLOSED

There may be some occasions where these times will changed but I will let everyone know when those days and times are.

Friday 2 December 2016 the salon in Benoni will be closed, but Wednesday 1 December in Benoni will be open.

The Annique and Avon Specials for this month:

Annique Specials:            NOVEMBER ANNIQUE SPECIALS

Avon Specials:                   NOVEMBER AVON SPECIALS

Kind Regards



Ro’s Beauty Spot Salon News and Avon Specials – February 2016

Good  morning Beauty Spotters

Wow so we one month down of 2016 and I have 9 Weeks Max until Declan arrives. I’m just so excited and I can’t believe how quickly the time is going! I trust your January was a good and blessed one and that 2016 is starting off on the right foot and showing some potential.

For those of you I have not seen yet this year I have only 4 ½ weeks left of work before I close my salon for maternity leave. This means Friday 4 March 2016 will be my last working day. We did see the doctor yesterday and he has instructed me that from 34 weeks I do need to start taking it easy and not over exert myself(I should be doing it already L), as I would like to carry this baby for as long as I can and give natural birth, I need to have as little stress and impact on my body as possible.  Doctor says  Declan is going to be a big baby boy so my body is going to need to rest as much as possible.

I need to do what’s best for my baby and body in the upcoming weeks and in order for me to be able to work for up to 36 weeks I need to concentrate on necessities and treatments that you must have before I close, so waxing and tinting mostly.

From Monday 22 February I will only be concentrating on these 2 treatments so that my day is not a straight 8 hour working day and that I can rest in between clients and offer my good service for those last 2 weeks. Please be patient with me and I will do my best to as effective as possible

Thus I’m sorry in advance if I need to downgrade your treatment to either tinting or waxing in those last 2 weeks. But I will communicate with you personally to make a plan if need be. I wish and hope to be able to do as much as I can but I also need to keep my baby and body in mind. I thank you for your support and understanding during this time.

Please also note that I am already fully booked for the my week being 29 February-4 March, the best I do is offer a cancellation slot at this time.

Then as so many of you have asked “when will I be back!” I haven’t decided and I need to see how our baby is and what kind of birthing I can do in order to have a healthy recovery and be in a good mental state before I return. I really hope it won’t be too long and I will be working more Saturdays in order to accommodate the later evening appointments I used to have in the week. I won’t be able to stay in Benoni too late into the evening in the beginning so will work around Saturdays to help. I will also be returning on a part time basis in the beginning until I settle in with baby routine and a routine for myself. But I will be communicating via WhatsApp or email on this regard.

I have been keeping an eye out for potential help and referrals for you to use while I’m away and I have 2 salons that you can use in the meantime while I’m off. I hope they will welcome you in and make you feel comfortable while I’m away and that when I return I can then continue to help you and see you in my salon. I will be sending their info as soon as I have it all that you can make a choice of whom to go to.

For all my Avon and Annique clients please do not worry I will still be doing sales for both these product houses while I’m off, I will just be doing specific order dates and delivery dates so that I can be there when you need to collect.

I do have some sale stock available too in salon so please look out  for them:


I have also been in touch with a new supplier of the Yellow Body sponges and have some in stock on special this month for only R40. Normally R50. If you need to get one just give me a shout, they are on offer while stocks last.

Also the foot files that I use in my pedicures will be available to purchase at R50 so that you continue to have soft feet while I’m away

For this month’s Avon Specials Please use the link below or ask me for a bookie AVON FEBRUARY SPECIALS

For Annique Specials Please use the link or ask me for a bookie: ANNIQUE FEBRUARY SPECIALS

I look forward to seeing you and if not hearing from you this month


Kind Regards


Ro’s Beauty Spot News and Product Specials – October 2015

Good Day Beauty Spotters

I am terribly sorry this email comes a few days late, I was surprised with a holiday for my five year anniversary and last week being back was a little busy. I do hope this email finds you well and happy, and warm. I saw on the news yesterday that we have been elated to a heat wave warning for this week, so please stay hydrated and out of the sun if possible, heat stroke is a serious thing and can cause headaches, dehydration, kidney issues and many other symptoms.

So with 11 weeks until Ro’s Beauty spot closes for December break I am already starting to get full and busy the last week in December. my last day of work will be Saturday 19 December, so please check your diaries as to when you go on holiday and lets book your appointment now. I always tell people that it’s so much easier to move an appointment then to make space for a new one. Remember too that it’s on a first come first serve basis.

Then I have some very exciting and special personal news…for those of you whom I haven’t seen or haven’t had a chance to tell I am 14 weeks pregnant today and carrying a healthy little baby. Dale and I have been on a long journey to starting a family and this has come as such good news for our family and our lives.

So with that I do need to ask that you be patient with me, I seem to be suffering a little with porridge brain and need a few reminders if I don’t get back to you or forget something. Also I have been instructed in the heat to be taking some breaks during the day to keep me and my baby healthy. So I will not always be taking back to back appointments and may need to ask if I can quickly eat something or drink something between clients.

I thank you in advance and appreciate your support

My baby will be due end of March/Beginning of April, due date is 5 April 2016 and due to the nature of my business and how special all of you are to me I will try not to be taking too much time off, and will discuss this with you when I see you in my salon.

Please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Annique Specials for October:




Upsize ResQue Cream 60ml for only R189. Please make sure you stock up for Awesome Christmas gifts and for yourself.

The Lucid, HydraFine an Synergy Fresheners are on offer this month and Come with a FREE Hand Cream valued at R59. Its hydrating, softening and packed with Rooibos to boost the anti-oxidant levels in the hands-fights aging and sun damage.

The Lucid, HydraFine and Synergy Night Creams are also on Offer with a saving of up to R51.

Please download the Beauté to view the complete catalogue and share with your friends and Family. I’m still offering a 10% discount on your order when you refer a friend to buy Annique From me and they spend more than R250.



Then for the Avon lovers and supporters:

We have some awesome perfumes on offer this month, as well as the luxurious hand cream and as always some awesome makeup offers:


Don’t forget the salon is closed on Tuesdays unless otherwise stated.

Have a good week and I look forward to hearing and seeing you soon

Kind Regards


Annique August 2015 Promotions at Ro’s Beauty spot

Good morning Annique Lovers

I’m sure that you are all a little excited that we have officially one month left of winter! Although it’s been a tad cold I’m sure will be for a little while longer I also know spring and then summer is coming and that I’m excited about.

August is a great month to start getting into shape and preparing the body and skin for summer, so don’t forget to be moisturising as often as possible to keep the skin soft and supple.

Annique are having a wonderful shake special that you get a FREE Shaker with your lifestyle shake purchase. Flavours are only Strawberry or Café latte.

Our shakes are full of nutrients and work well with the Banting Diet. For only R329 you can have 30 delicious and healthy meals, all you need to do is mix with Full cream milk. Yoghurt or have with your Rooibos Tea and away you go.



Once again our awesome Day creams area on offer, some at a discount price, others with a free item.






Please don’t forget that I do love getting feedback from you about the products that you have tried or using and love from Annique. It’s very difficult for me to know if you enjoying them or not if you don’t share with me regarding your experiences with our products.

We also have some amazing other offers for August so Please download the Beauté, by copying the hyperlink and opening it in your browser.

To download or Copy: Annique Beauté Link

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you this month with your Annique Goodies


Kind Regards


Beauty Spot Salon

Avon Specials for July 2015

Good day

I hope you are well and having a good Friday? Let’s hope this warmish weather lasts for the weekend.

I’m so excited and grateful for the overwhelming support I had in June with Avon. I hope you are all happy with the items you ordered? I will improve my service and communication as I learn more about the business

For this month’s July Specials please use link below:


I’d love to share the new specials with you and to invite you to download the Avon app, its free and allows you to order online and effortlessly with me your Avon representative.

Once you have downloaded the  app it will ask for your reps information or to search for them. Please search for me with  the email address: Rowena.Cuthbert@gmail.com then you can download the brochure in the library and view and buy items as you browse. The order then comes directly to me and I add it to my basket for when I order from head office.


My ordering dates for July will be Wednesday 15 July, so I need your orders in by Tuesday 14 July for delivery that week. My last ordering date will be Thursday 30 July so I need your final items by Wednesday 29 July.

Payments will be the same as Annique can be done after pay day, but needs to be in the same month as you order so that I can pay for them and not carry over the expense.

Eft payments or bank deposits are awesome. Otherwise you can drop off cash after payday if you have already received your goodies or COD.


For those that don’t have my banking Details please see below:

Account holder: R.J.Cuthbert

Bank: Nedbank

Account Number: 1074472683

Branch: The Glen

Account type: RRB Cheque


PLEASE remember to use YOUR NAME as reference.

I look forward to helping you and hearing from you this July


Kind Regards


Ro’s Beauty Spot Annique News and Specials July 2015

Good day Annique Lovers

I trust your skins are looking soft and hydrated and Annique is looking after them thoroughly this winter. Don’t forget to help your  body  internally with your Rooibos or Green Rooibos Tea that will help fight off infection, free radicals and improve not only the appearance and texture of your skin but also boost immunity, improve your mood and help stimulate your blood circulation

July has some wonderful specials on offer so don’t miss out.

My favourite being the Miracle Tissue Oil combo at only R289 with a Free Miracle Tissue Hand and body lotion Valued at R179.

This hand and body lotion is like no other, its soft, nourishing and rich so you won’t feel the harsh dry winter for even a second.



Then we have the Cleansers on special as well as when you buy the Revitalising Cream you will  receive the night cream of your choice for FREE J Except for in the Face Facts Range

image004 image006 image008 image010

To download the Entire Annique Beauté and look through in your own time

Please click on the link: Beauté Download


Have a great July and keep warm.

Kind Regards and lotsa Love


Annique November 2014 News and Specials

Good day Annique Lovers

How wonderful is this rain we having.  Now summer can truly begin. Wow so 2 months left of 2014, hope you’ve started to plan Christmas Shopping and your holiday plans are done.

October was a fantastic month for new Annique sales into my little Annique Family. I welcome you and know you will love and enjoy Annique as much as I do. Please don’t forget to ask me anything, I will respond as soon as I can with the best answer I can. I’m always here to hear feedback, help with conditions or problems or just to hear how your skins and bodies have improved with the help of the Annique Range.

Just a reminder that my last order is normally around the 25th of the month, Annique have a deadline and cut-off date for orders, so I normally WhatsApp everyone to let them know when my last order will be, please if you do want stuff, please reply and let me know. Payment can be made on collection or after you get paid, so don’t worry about that, will sort that out. But I never want you to go without a special or miss out on the items you need because of this cut-off date.

Some specials for the Month:

Day Creams are special this month, I’m offering the R9 extra off the discount already given. So some of the day creams will be marked down by R49…so make sure you get your day cream or stock up on a spare one for December

You will notice the lucid Moisture of dry skin is not part of the list above….that because we have an upsize special on one of our best selling day creams:












This Upsize Special is R440 when you order with me, and comes with a branded umbrella, a 100ml Moisture Dry tube and samples of some of our other creams. So you definitely don’t want to miss out on this one!


Then we launching a brand new Serum this month…. The Anti-Redness Serum 20ml For R250.

This unique, breakthrough formulation contains the stateof-the-art ingredient Pro-Immune X Antiinflammatory Complex that is clinically proven to increase cell renewal by 31% in 7 days, reduce skin reactivity by 37% in 7 days, reduce bacterial growth by 54% in 28 days and increase rehydration by 17% after 1 application. Now are those not stats you want you trust and try. Gets yours this month and avoid the redness forever.

Then for the rest of our amazing specials and promototions. Please download the Beaute BY CLICKING HERE or if you would prefer a hard copy please get one next time you in the salon.

Remember happy skins Happy days

Kind Regards


Ro’s Beauty Spot May 2014 News

Hey everyone

So I guess it’s nearly time to get back into our normal 5 day week routine and the gift of 4 days weeks will be a thing of the past. I can’t get over how quickly they came and have gone. I hope that those of you that went away or had leave, got some rest and had a good time off?

For the next few weeks I will still be working Tuesday to make up for voting day, and a few personal things I have to get done, but towards the end of May I should be back to my normal working hours.

Please I’d like to remind everyone to be safe when you come to see my late afternoons….it’s getting darker a lot earlier so some of you might be arriving or leaving in the dark. Let’s keep our eyes open for any strange things going on.

For those of you that are using and buying Annique Rooibos products from me… please remember the prices are going to increase 1 June 2014.

If you would like to download the Annique Specials Beauté and didn’t receive my other email Please do so here: CLICK HERE

Then please take note of my working days for May and June(excluding my normal working hours):

  • Tuesday 6 May OPEN
  • Wednesday 7 May CLOSED
  • Friday 9 May CLOSED
  • Saturday 10 May CLOSED
  • Monday 12 May CLOSED
  • Tuesday 13 May OPEN
  • Monday 19 May CLOSED
  • Tuesday 20 May OPEN
  • Tuesday 27 May CLOSED
  • Saturday 31 May CLOSED
  • Tuesday 3 June CLOSED
  • Tuesday 10 June CLOSED
  • Saturday 14 June CLOSED
  • Monday 16 June CLOSED
  • Tuesday 17 June CLOSED
  • Tuesday 24 June CLOSED


Thank you for always understanding and being accommodating with me.


Kind Regards