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Beauty Spot Newsletter February 2013

Hey Beauty Spotters

So its already February and January was a great month, thank you to everyone for all your support and understanding both personally and professionally. I appreciate you and your visits to my salon. Wow so I havent really had a chance to impletement my new working hours, just been so hectic trying to fit everyone in. But im sure as time goes by I will get there, so please understand when I cant help after hours any longer.

Well as we all know February is the month of love, and I do hope and wish this for all my friends and clients. Relationships are hard work but also love is not meant to be a chore, so go out and find the love you deserve.

With all this heat that we’ve been having I do trust that you are taking hydrating to new levels. Not only with water but creams and moisturisers too, our skins(our biggest organ) also dries out and needs hydrating, and cooling down. Some great cooling tips are:

  • Make a freshner with green tea and cool water(in a spray bottle) and spritz over one’s face during the day. Green tea is a great anti-oxidant so good for the skin too.
  • A cool towel over the neck, wrists and (or if you lucky) feet to keep temperatures down
  • Drink Cool but not freezing cold water. Remember our kidneys also take strain when temperatures of liquids are too hot or too cold, so remember cool is healthier.
  • Eat small meals and eat more often. The larger the meal, the more metabolic heat your body creates breaking down the food. Avoid foods that are high in protein, which increase metabolic heat
  • Wear lightweight, light-coloured cotton clothes. Heat is trapped by synthetic fibres, but cotton absorbs perspiration and its evaporation causes you to feel cooler. The light colours reflect the sun’s radiation

And PLEASE remember to be using your sunblock as often as possible during the day, perspiration causes the product to wipe off so reapplication is a must.

Thank you so much for everyone who’s commented on my new Annique Display cabinet, it really is helping and allowing me to display and move more stock.

Don’t forget the salon is now closed on Tuesdays, but over the next few months we have a couple of public holidays so I will be swopping my Tuesday’s with the public holidays so that im still closed only 1 day during the week.Please note these are the days that will change and that im closed:

Saturday 16 February CLOSED Saturday 9 March CLOSED Tuesday 19 March I will be open from 13h00 until 18h00, Thursday 21 March CLOSED Tuesday 26 March Open from 09h00-1800 Friday 29 March CLOSED Saturday 30 March CLOSED Monday 1 April CLOSED Tuesday 2 April il be open from 09h00-18h00

I wish you all a wonderful February, be inspired, motivated and passionate about everything that you do, and if you not, then don’t do it!

Thanks and see you soon Xxx Rowena

August 2011 Newsletter Edition 12

Hello All

So who’s hoping for snow? It is nearly the end of the winter with officially  one month to go. Not sure if I will survive much more cold!

I am definately looking forward to summer, and hope it’s a warm beautiful one!

I trust you are all well and that July was good to you?

Thank you for the overwhelming support this July. I apologise if I couldn’t help you with an appointment and I hope to see you this August.

I had a wonderful week off-Dullstroom is really a beautiful little town with amazing friendly and good food!

August we know is Women’s month – I think every month should be! And so I think a little spoiling should be done either for ourselves
or the women we know! And with this weather a shared coffee and muffin is always a good idea!

So a few questions have popped with regards to my new gel treatment prices. And this is how it will work:

A fill costs me a little more time and energy
– but not necessarily product than an overlay
but I will adjust pricing depending on the type
of fill (ie French, clear or colour).
I will discuss with you when you book your fill.

A fill costs me a little more time and energy – but not necessarily product than an overlay but I will adjust pricing depending on the type of fill (ie French, clear or colour). I will discuss with you when you book your fill.

Gel overlays on toes: the fill will also be adjusted depending on the overlay (ie french, clear or colour) and if you wish to add a Pedicure to your fill – not always necessary, it will be R100 extra.

Repairs will only be charged if the break happens 3 or more days after the initial overlay, or if 3 or more breaks have occurred. If you are having a fill I will not charge for repairs or tips if only 1 or 2 nails need it. More than 2 will be charged for.

Hope this clears up any of the questions you may have. Please talk to me if you are unhappy or have any problems or concerns and I will try my best to help accommodate you as much as I can!

I wish all the women in my life and in my salon a very Happy Woman’s month. I hope you all get spoilt and shown how much you are appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Rowena – Salon Owner