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Ro’s Beauty Spot Salon News and Avon Specials – February 2016

Good  morning Beauty Spotters

Wow so we one month down of 2016 and I have 9 Weeks Max until Declan arrives. I’m just so excited and I can’t believe how quickly the time is going! I trust your January was a good and blessed one and that 2016 is starting off on the right foot and showing some potential.

For those of you I have not seen yet this year I have only 4 ½ weeks left of work before I close my salon for maternity leave. This means Friday 4 March 2016 will be my last working day. We did see the doctor yesterday and he has instructed me that from 34 weeks I do need to start taking it easy and not over exert myself(I should be doing it already L), as I would like to carry this baby for as long as I can and give natural birth, I need to have as little stress and impact on my body as possible.  Doctor says  Declan is going to be a big baby boy so my body is going to need to rest as much as possible.

I need to do what’s best for my baby and body in the upcoming weeks and in order for me to be able to work for up to 36 weeks I need to concentrate on necessities and treatments that you must have before I close, so waxing and tinting mostly.

From Monday 22 February I will only be concentrating on these 2 treatments so that my day is not a straight 8 hour working day and that I can rest in between clients and offer my good service for those last 2 weeks. Please be patient with me and I will do my best to as effective as possible

Thus I’m sorry in advance if I need to downgrade your treatment to either tinting or waxing in those last 2 weeks. But I will communicate with you personally to make a plan if need be. I wish and hope to be able to do as much as I can but I also need to keep my baby and body in mind. I thank you for your support and understanding during this time.

Please also note that I am already fully booked for the my week being 29 February-4 March, the best I do is offer a cancellation slot at this time.

Then as so many of you have asked “when will I be back!” I haven’t decided and I need to see how our baby is and what kind of birthing I can do in order to have a healthy recovery and be in a good mental state before I return. I really hope it won’t be too long and I will be working more Saturdays in order to accommodate the later evening appointments I used to have in the week. I won’t be able to stay in Benoni too late into the evening in the beginning so will work around Saturdays to help. I will also be returning on a part time basis in the beginning until I settle in with baby routine and a routine for myself. But I will be communicating via WhatsApp or email on this regard.

I have been keeping an eye out for potential help and referrals for you to use while I’m away and I have 2 salons that you can use in the meantime while I’m off. I hope they will welcome you in and make you feel comfortable while I’m away and that when I return I can then continue to help you and see you in my salon. I will be sending their info as soon as I have it all that you can make a choice of whom to go to.

For all my Avon and Annique clients please do not worry I will still be doing sales for both these product houses while I’m off, I will just be doing specific order dates and delivery dates so that I can be there when you need to collect.

I do have some sale stock available too in salon so please look out  for them:


I have also been in touch with a new supplier of the Yellow Body sponges and have some in stock on special this month for only R40. Normally R50. If you need to get one just give me a shout, they are on offer while stocks last.

Also the foot files that I use in my pedicures will be available to purchase at R50 so that you continue to have soft feet while I’m away

For this month’s Avon Specials Please use the link below or ask me for a bookie AVON FEBRUARY SPECIALS

For Annique Specials Please use the link or ask me for a bookie: ANNIQUE FEBRUARY SPECIALS

I look forward to seeing you and if not hearing from you this month


Kind Regards


Ro’s Beauty Spot April 2014 News and Price Increase

Hello everyone

I’m doing well this year, I haven’t yet sent out my email late so far….lol! let’s hope I can keep it up.

Thank you so much to everyone who gave me personal support this March, I had an extremely traumatic event happen and I’m grateful to everyone who cared. Thank you it really meant a lot. But I’m in a good head space now once again and ready for April. I might lose my thought pattern, especially with all the holidays coming up, but I’ll do my best not forget anything.

As you know my treatment prices are going up on 1 April…please review my treatment menu for updated prices. I will also be sending messages to those that need reminding. 🙂

I would also like to thank those that have been good to me with regards to the cancellation fee. For those of you that don’t know, please can you give me 24 hours cancellation notice of your appointment otherwise a 50% fee of your treatment will be charged. Late comers will also be charged full price and if need be your treatment will be cut short. I do understand that life happens but let’s just be honest and understanding. It works both ways.

Then loyalty cards are given to clients on their 3rd regular visit to the salon, and after the 10th treatment a 50% discount will be given to your regular treatment. This cannot be passed onto another person or used against a special/promotional treatment.

From May 2014 I will be incorporating the NEW Annique Spa Candle to my massages to introduce you to the product and as a special treat. It won’t be a regular thing just for a while, I will revert back to my normal massage oil blend.

Then please take note of my Off Days over the next Month or so:

Tuesday 1 April I WILL BE OPEN

Thursday 3 April CLOSED

Friday 4 April CLOSED

Saturday 5 April CLOSED

Tuesday 8 April CLOSED

Tuesday 15 April OPEN

Friday 18 April CLOSED

Saturday 19 April CLOSED

Monday 21 April CLOSED

Tuesday 22 April COPEN

Monday 28 April CLOSED

Tuesday 29 April CLOSED

Wednesday 30 April CLOSED

Thursday 1 May CLOSED

Friday 2 May OPEN

Saturday 3 May OPEN

Tuesday 6 May OPEN

Wednesday 7 May CLOSED

Friday 9 May CLOSED

Saturday 10 May CLOSED


I apologise for any inconvenience I might cause over the next month, so Please book your appointments ASAP…..time is limited and I’m already nearly booked.

Also I’ve had a few requests for the Room and Linen Spray I gave out in December as Christmas gifts…they are available to buy for R10 each.

If you wish to Download the Annique Promotional booklet for April Please do so: CLICK HERE

Look forward to seeing you this April.


Kind Regards


Beauty Spot Salon Newsletter January 2012

Hello everyone

So here’s washing you and your family a Happy New Year. I hope that 2012 will only  be special and blessed to you.

For those that went away I really hope you had a wonderful holiday, that you got  some rest and relaxation in and that you’re ready to face 2012.

For those who didn’t take leave I hope the office was quiet and chilled and that you  enjoyed the public holidays in between.

So 2012 is going to be a good year I know it and believe it and with that I have made a  few changes to my Salon hours.

I am going to be cutting down some of my hours, I just worked too hard last year and I was taking strain towards the end, I really hope that you can understand but as you  know me I will still try my best to accommodate everyone! It also comes from a 4  month observation that I have done and found that some days im a lot quieter then  others.

I will now only be working 2 Saturdays a month (when there are 3 Saturdays in a  month), from 08h00 untill 14h00, and I will be posting the Saturdays im closed well  in advance so that you too can plan your life.

Fridays I will b closing at 17h00. Please Note that this means I will be taking my  last appointment before this time(depending on treatment time)

With regards to Annique orders, I am only going to order twice a month, around the  12th and 28th of every month. So Please get your orders in according to these dates.

Otherwise I tend to be ordering small amounts too often and then I end up carrying  too much stock!

I will also be offering a 5% discount on Annique orders greater then R500.

Don’t forget that I am available on BBM for your convenience: Pin: 22EA1061

Treatment Prices have increased: Manicures, Pedicures and tinting, so please take note of the prices in the new pricelist attached.

Loyalty Cards – please make sure that you bring them with to every regular treatment that you have or every other treatment in which you spend  more than R200.

And don’t forget the Christmas Vouchers given out in  December – bring them in January.

See you soon,

Beauty Spot News October 2011

News from the Beauty Spot October 2011

So October marks the last few months of 2011 and I hope the goals you set in January are all complete and that you are getting ready to set new ones for 2012.

My goal this year was to reach 100 people coming to my salon; including new, regular and once off.

I have been so busy I didn’t realize I had reached this goal! Looking back at client cards and my very sad worn out diary I worked out that I have in fact reached my goal and its all thanks to you.

My goal for 2012 will be to give something back to all my amazing clients who have shared in the growth of my salon; the chilly winter days, the scorching summer afternoons; all those who shared good laughs and a few tears with me!

I am going to be launching a loyalty membership card. It’s just a little way of saying thank you for all your support. I offer excellent treatments at great prices but sometimes I still cannot say thank you enough.

It will work as follows:

For every regular treatment you come for you will get a stamp; for example if you have a pedicure, facial or wax every month. For every other treatment you may have on a more irregular basis you will need to spend more than R200 to get a stamp.

Once you have collected 10 stamps you will get your 11th regular treatment at 50% of the price. This cannot be redeemed for cash or given to another person.

I will then also run specials that if you have a certain treatment in that month (even though its less than R200) you will still receive a stamp for booking that treatment.

Next on the agenda:

Please Please Please start organizing your appointments for the next 3 months. I am already taking appointments all the way up to Christmas and I do not want to have to turn you away due to being fully booked.

I will be working until 16h00 on Friday 23 December 2011 and will reopen on Monday 9 January 2012.

I will also be closed on Friday 16 December but will be open on Saturday 17 December 2012 from 08h00 to 13h00.

Staying in contact:

If you have a BlackBerry you are welcome to add me as a contact. My BBM pin is as follows: 22EA1061

I also have WhatsApp if you have another Smart Phone and wish to stay in contact me in this regard.


Annique prices will be going up again on 1 November 2011.

It appears they will be having bi-annual increases in November and April respectively.

If you wish to speak to me about a payment plan please let me know and we can work something out!

Look forward to seeing you this October!

Keep safe and stay positive

Love Ro

Some Reminders

  1. Please be considerate if you know you will not make your appointment and cancel within 24-48 hours of your appointment time. This allows me to offer your appointment to someone else. If you miss your appointment or cancel too late I will be charging 50% of your missed treatment onto your next treatment price.
  2. I operate on a Cash and EFT basis
  3. If you are running late, I will try and accommodate you as much as possible but if I do have an appointment after yours, your treatment time will be shortened and you will be charged the full price.
  4. Please pay for and collect your Annique stock within the month you order it.


July 2011 Newsletter Edition 11

What’s New for July

Hello Everyone

Wow. It has definitely been cold winter of late. I cannot believe how many cold fronts we have had and that I haven’t frozen in my sleep is a miracle. The good thing is that the days are now going to get longer so there will be more minutes of sunlight which hopefully means bit more warmth.

I must thank you for all your support during the month of June; it was great seeing some old faces back in the salon and some new!

I have made some changes and update my price list so please take note of this. Save the pricelist somewhere handy so that the information is always close at hand.

I have added a teen facial to the list. It’s a 30-45 minute facial (depending on the amount of blackhead and whitehead removal) and can be a great chance to introduce teens to the world of skincare. I will also provide easy to understand home care advice.

I have also changed my massage and body treatments to offer a little more service and something special. The 30 minute Back, Neck and Shoulder massage is now a 45 minute treatment and includes a back exfoliation and head and scalp massage.

I also offer a Men’s Back and Neck Massage which is 30 minutes and does not include the exfoliation or head and scalp massage.

My Bio-Sculpture gel treatments have also changed. I have been getting requests for colour gel and nail paint over the gel, so I am now offering this option. Please note that my colour gel stock is limited at the moment but I will be increasing my colour stock over time. At the moment I am stocking Red, Black, Brown and a Pearly White.

Please also remember that the Hand and Foot Add on Treatments can be added to any treatment  you have, or can be done between treatments as a something extra.

PLEASE NOTE: I will be away from the 6th-13th July, so the Salon will be closed from the Wednesday the 6th to Wednesday the  13th and will reopen on the 14th of July.

Please also note that I will be available via SMS and email but no phone calls as the reception I will have is not the best.

I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but I will be back within no time, eager, rested and ready for your treatments for the rest of July!

On a really good note, I would like to wish all my clients who are having babies all the best of luck and congratulations!

Keep warm and looking forward to seeing you in July

Much love and light

Rowena  – Owner Beauty Spot Salon

Annique Face Facts Range

Annique Face Facts Range

Annique Face Facts Range contains Organic Green Rooibos extract which is a super Antioxidant. It detoxifies, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps promote cell regeneration.

Crystal Clear Face Wash is a gel wash to help fight bacteria, cleaning the skin and pores thoroughly. It is also a great shave gel for the men. Contains Green tea extract to help repair the skin and fight free-radicals. Contains fruit acid to help gently exfoliate the skin and remove oiliness. Normal PRICE R98

The Moisture Source Moisturiser (for sensitive skins) contain Zinc Sulphate that inhibits breakouts and help with skin repair.
The Moisture Shield SPF8 moisturiser helps promote skin protection from the sun but also forms a barrier against bacteria. Normal PRICE R88

The Calm Down Masque is ideal to calm redness, inflammation and promotes the healing process in the skin. It also great after waxing or as a spot treatment for those horrible unwanted pimples Normal PRICE R85

Smooth over scrub removed dead skin cells from the skin and unclogs pores allowing new healthy cells to surface. It also improves circulation to allow the skin to skin to heal faster, become brighter and remove bacteria. Normal PRICE R98

The Liquid Skin Nutrition (Freshener) contains all the ingredients to promote a clear soft skin, removing impurities, cleanses the pores and hydrates the skins. Contains vitamins A, B, C and E. Liquid Skin N Nutrition is available at R109

Basic Daily Routine
This applies for any Annique Skin Care Routine:

Morning Routine:
Rinse face with Green Tea and Normal Rooibos
Apply Daily Moisturiser
Apply SPF
Spray Freshener

Evening Routine:
Wash the skin with Cleanser (1-2 min gentle wash)
Apply Night cream
Spray Freshener

Weekly Routine: (once a week)
Exfoliate in the evenings after cleansing (2-3 min)
Mask after exfoliating (can apply treatment under mask) (10-15 min)

Add on Treatments to be used BEFORE moisturizer is applied:
Revitalising Cream
Skin Detox
Eye Therapy
DermaBright or RenitiQ

Add on treatments to be done AFTER Moisturiser is applied:
Lifting Essence-Neck and Bust
Miracle Tissue Oil
Vitamin E