Annique Feedback

Thanks for your visit last Tuesday. As you know, you have given me 2 products to use for 3 weeks to sort out my skin’s PH balance.

Now let me tell you Rowena, am I impressed!!! I cannot believe the change in the oil production after just 2 days.

I started to use it Tuesday night. On Wednesday I applied a bit of powder only once. On Thursday I did not use face powder and on Friday only once again. Since the weekend no powder on my face at all. I just don’t feel the need for it. The oily shine has improved drastically. I can hardly believe my good luck.

Well, I just wanted you to know how happy I am. It is fantastic to deal with someone who can help so quickly and efficiently. Plus, Annique is an awesome product!


I have been using Annique for about 5 months now and I am so pleased with the results that I will never turn back!
My skin is radiant, glowing and feels great! Another plus for me is that my first purchase order (cleanser, day cream, night cream and Ph balance) is STILL going, I haven’t had to “top-up” so it saves me money too!

I started using the Annique Q10 therapy just over a week ago, mainly for pigmentation which developed when I was pregnant and I am seeing fantastic results already!

As one of those women who is petrified by the thought of ageing and getting wrinkles, I am confidant in saying that with ANNIQUE I know I have nothing to worry about because I know I have many years of wrinkle free, gorgeous, radiant skin ahead of me!

Kim Vos


Rowena is in Benoni, working from a home based salon that’s private, clean and personal – give her a try!!!
Lou xxx


Hi Ladies! 🙂

This is an email from a friend of mine who opened up her own salon about a year ago…? (or more…? Can’t remember now) but has been in the beauty business for many years and is VERY good! I’m forwarding you her details as well as her specials for this month. She’s a bit far out for some people, but her prices are really good and her services are amazing, so I’m not sure where you guys live at the moment, but if it’s anywhere close to her, I really recommend her; and if it’s no where near her, I STILL really recommend her! 😉 You can also email her to get pricelists for treatments (waxes, facials, manicures,massages…. etc etc) Her name’s Rowena and her email ad is info@beautyspotsalon.co.za.

Mwah! 😉


Please read, this lovely young lass s well known to me, she was but a babe when first I laid eyes on her and she has blossomed into a beautiful, successful young lady.. You won’t be sorry…..

Love and hugs to all