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Ro’s Beauty Spot New Treatment Menu 2018

Good morning Beauty Spotters

I trust you have had a good week and looking forward to the wknd? Have any exciting plans for the first weekend in February?

As some of you have received my new pricelist in the salon, the rest will get yours as I see you during the month. If you wish to take an extra one to hand out to friends or family please don’t hesitate to ask.

Please note that I will NOT be taking on new nail, pedi or manicure clients as I would like to focus on my facials and waxing from March 2018. I will be doing manicures, pedicures and nail treatments for February still at the old pricing but from March they will be taken off my price list.

I am also excited to announce that I will be offering a little extra at the salon, I will be making now Cappuccinos and hot chocolate for sale when you come for treatments. They will be R10 a cup and can be added as a take away or have in the salon with your appointment

Annique Specials to view this month:


If you order more then R1000 of Annique Products this February you will receive a FREE 45min petal facial to be used before 31 March 2018. Booking is essential

If you order the new Gold Bar From Annique valued at R1499 and receive a FREE Annique Youth Boost or a Free 45min Petal Facial, to be used before 31 March 2018. Booking Essentia

Avon specials to view this month:


IF you order more then R500 of Avon this month you will receive a FREE Avon Hand Cream


Kind regards and much Love

Rowena Cuthbert

Annique Rooibos and Avon Distributor

082 934 6278


Ro’s Beauty Spot Salon News – Avon And Annique Specials – January 2018

I wish you a very happy New Year and I truly hope 2018 is going to be a 20-A-Team year. I feel and know it’s going to be a good year and I have a lot to look forward to. I hope you had a good break over the festive season even if it was only a few days.

We had a lovely holiday; it’s not jokes traveling on a plane with a toddler for 8 hours but we survived and so did Declan, HEHEHEHEHE 😊

The salon is now open and ready for business, please remember I’m now open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Benoni, last appointment needs to end at 16h30.

It’s been 2 years since I’ve had a salon pricelist update, so from 1 February I need to increase my prices and adjust my pricelist. The new pricelist will come out next week so you can view and share with your friends

Please note I WILL NO LONGER be doing Gel treatments or Manicures and Pedicures for New Clients.

I am currently in the process of big plans for the salon for 2018 and if all falls into place It can happen before the year is done. And I wish to focus on improving my Facials and waxing treatments.

I am also going to be selling more retail products in the salon, Bio Sculpture hand and feet products and more Annique and Avon products on display. So be prepared to shop by me more.

This month’s Annique Specials are awesome, Upsize Miracle Tissue Oil for Only R339. This is an amazing product, to prevent stretchmarks, promote healing and prevent dry and aged skin, a must have for any skin routine.

Also we have our cleanser and freshener combo so don’t forget to order that too.


Avon have so many fragrances on offer this month, it’s hard to choose which one to go for, but they amazing deals and great for an everyday, working perfume.


I would like to Offer a FREE Annique ResQue Cream upsize to anyone who would be willing to host an Annique Pamper Party with your friends who would be interested in starting and using Annique. Only need 6-10 ladies to be join in on a pamper party. So please ask your friends and then let me know and lets organise a special and fun morning where they can learn about their
skins and how to use products correctly.

Ro’s Beauty Spot Salon News and Avon Specials – May 2016

Good morning Beauty Spotters

I trust you are well and keeping warm today? I think we can’t deny winter is on its way, but I’m glad that we still having some very nice days. Thank you so much for all the support and messages over the last few weeks I really do appreciate them.

I am hoping to return to work in the next few weeks, I will communicate closer to the date as I’m currently living week to week at the moment. Please keep an eye out for the email.

Unfortunately my working hours are going to change for the next few months. Especially now that winter is nearly here I can’t have Declan out too late in the afternoons. I do plan on then working more Saturdays to accommodate my late weekly appointments and will try make sure I see everyone even for the necessities (waxing, tinting, mini facials and pedicures)

My treatment prices will remain the same for the first month I return to work and will increase in 1 July 2016, but I will be charging normal price for treatments when I return, so please check current price list for your treatments.

Then specials for Avon and Annique are below. Please check them out and if you would like a booklet for either please let know so I can have one for you.

Avon Specials are: AVON SPECIALS LINK

Annique Specials are: ANNIQUE SPECIALS LINK


Kind Regards


Ro’s Beauty Spot News and Product Specials – October 2015

Good Day Beauty Spotters

I am terribly sorry this email comes a few days late, I was surprised with a holiday for my five year anniversary and last week being back was a little busy. I do hope this email finds you well and happy, and warm. I saw on the news yesterday that we have been elated to a heat wave warning for this week, so please stay hydrated and out of the sun if possible, heat stroke is a serious thing and can cause headaches, dehydration, kidney issues and many other symptoms.

So with 11 weeks until Ro’s Beauty spot closes for December break I am already starting to get full and busy the last week in December. my last day of work will be Saturday 19 December, so please check your diaries as to when you go on holiday and lets book your appointment now. I always tell people that it’s so much easier to move an appointment then to make space for a new one. Remember too that it’s on a first come first serve basis.

Then I have some very exciting and special personal news…for those of you whom I haven’t seen or haven’t had a chance to tell I am 14 weeks pregnant today and carrying a healthy little baby. Dale and I have been on a long journey to starting a family and this has come as such good news for our family and our lives.

So with that I do need to ask that you be patient with me, I seem to be suffering a little with porridge brain and need a few reminders if I don’t get back to you or forget something. Also I have been instructed in the heat to be taking some breaks during the day to keep me and my baby healthy. So I will not always be taking back to back appointments and may need to ask if I can quickly eat something or drink something between clients.

I thank you in advance and appreciate your support

My baby will be due end of March/Beginning of April, due date is 5 April 2016 and due to the nature of my business and how special all of you are to me I will try not to be taking too much time off, and will discuss this with you when I see you in my salon.

Please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Annique Specials for October:




Upsize ResQue Cream 60ml for only R189. Please make sure you stock up for Awesome Christmas gifts and for yourself.

The Lucid, HydraFine an Synergy Fresheners are on offer this month and Come with a FREE Hand Cream valued at R59. Its hydrating, softening and packed with Rooibos to boost the anti-oxidant levels in the hands-fights aging and sun damage.

The Lucid, HydraFine and Synergy Night Creams are also on Offer with a saving of up to R51.

Please download the Beauté to view the complete catalogue and share with your friends and Family. I’m still offering a 10% discount on your order when you refer a friend to buy Annique From me and they spend more than R250.



Then for the Avon lovers and supporters:

We have some awesome perfumes on offer this month, as well as the luxurious hand cream and as always some awesome makeup offers:


Don’t forget the salon is closed on Tuesdays unless otherwise stated.

Have a good week and I look forward to hearing and seeing you soon

Kind Regards


Beauty Spot News October 2011

News from the Beauty Spot October 2011

So October marks the last few months of 2011 and I hope the goals you set in January are all complete and that you are getting ready to set new ones for 2012.

My goal this year was to reach 100 people coming to my salon; including new, regular and once off.

I have been so busy I didn’t realize I had reached this goal! Looking back at client cards and my very sad worn out diary I worked out that I have in fact reached my goal and its all thanks to you.

My goal for 2012 will be to give something back to all my amazing clients who have shared in the growth of my salon; the chilly winter days, the scorching summer afternoons; all those who shared good laughs and a few tears with me!

I am going to be launching a loyalty membership card. It’s just a little way of saying thank you for all your support. I offer excellent treatments at great prices but sometimes I still cannot say thank you enough.

It will work as follows:

For every regular treatment you come for you will get a stamp; for example if you have a pedicure, facial or wax every month. For every other treatment you may have on a more irregular basis you will need to spend more than R200 to get a stamp.

Once you have collected 10 stamps you will get your 11th regular treatment at 50% of the price. This cannot be redeemed for cash or given to another person.

I will then also run specials that if you have a certain treatment in that month (even though its less than R200) you will still receive a stamp for booking that treatment.

Next on the agenda:

Please Please Please start organizing your appointments for the next 3 months. I am already taking appointments all the way up to Christmas and I do not want to have to turn you away due to being fully booked.

I will be working until 16h00 on Friday 23 December 2011 and will reopen on Monday 9 January 2012.

I will also be closed on Friday 16 December but will be open on Saturday 17 December 2012 from 08h00 to 13h00.

Staying in contact:

If you have a BlackBerry you are welcome to add me as a contact. My BBM pin is as follows: 22EA1061

I also have WhatsApp if you have another Smart Phone and wish to stay in contact me in this regard.


Annique prices will be going up again on 1 November 2011.

It appears they will be having bi-annual increases in November and April respectively.

If you wish to speak to me about a payment plan please let me know and we can work something out!

Look forward to seeing you this October!

Keep safe and stay positive

Love Ro

Some Reminders

  1. Please be considerate if you know you will not make your appointment and cancel within 24-48 hours of your appointment time. This allows me to offer your appointment to someone else. If you miss your appointment or cancel too late I will be charging 50% of your missed treatment onto your next treatment price.
  2. I operate on a Cash and EFT basis
  3. If you are running late, I will try and accommodate you as much as possible but if I do have an appointment after yours, your treatment time will be shortened and you will be charged the full price.
  4. Please pay for and collect your Annique stock within the month you order it.


September 2011 Newsletter Edition 13

Good Day

Well its definitely good to feel that spring has arrived! I am sure we will still have another cold spell or two, but I think we can manage that knowing that the worst is over.

I am sad to hear about all the horrible things going on in the world, my prayers are with those having troubled times. May the Lord keep you strong and hold your hand through this time.

Thank you to all who came to visit me during August. It was nice to meet some new people and share some good times with those who are part of my “furniture” J I appreciate you all!

Seeing as though spring is here I believe its time to dust off those winter coats and get ready for the new!

Annique have launched their summer gift range, so those planning Christmas presents a little early this year, now is the time to take advantage of these great products.

I wish to take this opportunity to welcome all the new additions to my client family – ie those who have had babies over the past few months, I wish you all the best of health and fun times ahead with your children.

On a more serious note…

Please remember that I will always try and help out those running late for appointments or those who may have forgotten their appointments, but I can only allocate so much extra time between clients and if I end up having to turn you away I do apologise but I am also trying to run a business. Cancellations need to be made 24 hrs in advance or I will be charging a 50% cancellation fee onto your next appointment.

With regards to Annique orders, I do allow for payments to be made at the end of the month, but will also keep your products until payment is made unless otherwise discussed so you can still order your favourite products or try new ones.

Please contact me if you have any comments, compliments or complaints – by email, sms or at your next appointment. I take any communication as constructive as I can grow and provide a better service to you.

Enjoy your September and see you soon!

Many thanks